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Taking a break from the constant flow of tag articles I've been fooling around with, I want to follow up on an article I wrote:

I want to share some of my other favorite bands, in case someone needs new music, and also because I love talking about music (not that I know that much about it :D). These are all indie/alternative rock in genre, so they're a bit more similar to each other than the bands in my other article :)

1. Third Eye Blind

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Third Eye Blind is a bit depressing, but their lyrics are very meaningful, full of emotion and life lessons, and the tunes are super catchy and beautiful. A lot of their songs deal with addiction and/or mental health issues, which I think are always important topics to know about. My personal favorites are Sherri Is a Stoner, God of Wine and Narcolepsy.

2. The Killers

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The Killers' music is very upbeat, although if you listen closely to the lyrics, they're very angsty and relatable. I love them because you can dance to them, but the lyrics also make you think. Personal faves: This Is Your Life, Spaceman, Tyson vs Douglas

3. AJR

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AJR is more pop than indie, but I think it still counts. Their sound is more modern than the other bands' I listed here, and, much like The Killers, danceable but also creative and thought-provoking. Fun fact: Burn the House Down was my most-listened-to song on Spotify last year :D

4. Arctic Monkeys

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Arctic Monkeys have a bit of a retro sound, but also some modern elements in their music. They have a lot of love songs, but some are also very real, about drugs, toxic relationships or getting old, for example. I love how you can hear Alex Turner's british accent when he sings, which isn't always so. Their music is perfect for a long drive, when you can really relax into it. Personal favorites: Black Treacle and Crying Lightning

5. The Maine

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The Maine really helped me through my angsty teen phase. Their songs are mostly about self-acceptance, which is something most people can always work on, myself especially. I find their lyrics comforting when I'm nervous, like a friend I can talk to. Personal favorites: Miles Away, My Best Habit, (Un)Lost, Bliss

6. The Wombats

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I discovered The Wombats a few years ago, but I only dove deeper into their music this month. To me, their music symbolises young adult life, being flawed, but still living, and general mixed feelings about the world and life. I can relate to a lot of their songs, and their music is cool to dance to. Personal faves: Your Body Is a Weapon, Kill The Director, Bee-Sting

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! If you have any recommendations on similar bands, please write, I always need more music❤

Lots of luv,