hey guys! so i'm stressing about college apps and wishing i was a rich girl with a trust fund, so why not dream about my dream life instead of doing something productive. but this is productive!!!!! let's get to it!

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dream home + location

bro. i would love to live a big city, like i literally a city girl lol. i honestly believe that i would live in los angeles or new york city, since i do want to live on a coastal city. i think moving to a big city is a big decision though, so i'd really have to think that decision out.

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bro i'm only living in an apartment. well until i'm 40 or something lol. but i honestly do want to live in an apartment, since it is a smaller and more personal space. and if i get tired of my current apartment, i can just move on to another place in a year or two シ. i feel like i can't buy and live in a house long term since i get tired of places really quickly, and well, you just can't leave the house you bought lol.

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i personally don't want a relationship for a couple years, i believe that i'm not mentally ready to be with someone. and i do want to focus on school and building strong friendships right now lol. and also, i'm kinda scared of commitment, and i'm scared of getting my heart broken lmaoo.

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bro i want strong, lasting friendships :(. i do have a few strong friendships right now, and i believe in quality over quantity. however i hope to make more friendships that i can connect with and just be really close with :)

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travel destinations

i have so many places i want to travel. like i do not have money, but i literally want to go everywhere. it honestly makes me kind of sad that their are so many places in the world, but you can never see them all, like not even half of them :(. but i do plan to study abroad during uni, and just go on vacation occasionally. some of my top travel destinations are the philippines, france, and the amalfi coast.

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i want to pick up so many hobbies, but i also want to improve on the hobbies i currently have. i want to read more books, for enjoyment and not just because i'm assigned to read them. i also want to become a better cook and baker. most times i bake cookies, they come out burnt, like BURNT. but i'm not stopping lol. some hobbies i want to pick up are learning more languages, meditation, and working out consistently.

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future + career goals

ok real talk, i'm not sure what i want to do. i don't know if i should be a doctor, a lawyer, or a business-fashion person (?). even though these are vastly different, i have no idea where to go. but i do know i want to help create a positive change in other people's lives and be a good person. however i hope to have a stable career with a stable income in ten years from now lmaoo.

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thank you so much if you read all the way! i hope you're doing good, and that you get to live your dream life in real life 🥺. have a good day!

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