If you see a person of color enjoying things that came from other time periods (pin-up styles, Victorian clothing, classic literature, dark academic or cottagecore aesthetics, etc.) for the love of God don’t say anything along the lines of “living in that decade wouldn’t have gone well for you.”

We know that. Every day of our existence reminds us and we hear it constantly. We have never and can never forget our history as much as we want to.

We enjoy those things to escape our reality for a small while but comments like those that drag us back into our realities where racism and oppression ran rampant and still do.

Let Hispanic girls enjoy reading Pride and Prejudice, let black boys appreciate 60′s music and clothing, let Asian girls fantasize about wearing ball gowns and living in 1800′s Russia, let desi people want to dress like they’re in 1940′s Europe saying goodbye to their sweetheart who’s off to war.

Even if you mean absolutely no harm in those comments, we still feel it. Please. Stop doing it and let us enjoy our interests.
So now if you excuse me, my brown self is going to light candles, open Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace, put on my 1860′s inspired ball gown (hoopskirt and all) while listening to Tchaikovsky. Thank you for listening to me.