Music has been a biggest part of my life. When I am down, I listen to music to console myself, when I am so happy that I could not sit still, I would stride the street with my favorite song to my ears. I am sure many of you would feel the same.

I believe I do not have particular taste in music genre, I just go by my favorite artists. However, as I develop my own world of music (as I am getting old), I found out I do like musics that have particular atmosphere. That should be sad, tragic but rhythmic and aesthetic. I think those words are a little bit abstract and hard to describe. I guess it is better to lead you right into the music lists that I LOVE!

1. Hozier - Take me to Church

This song would be the perfect intro and also the completion of this playlist. The melody is tragic with so many flats the lyrics is serious. Moreover, if you decided to like this song, you cannot skip the music video of this song. It is just a masterpiece. Not only this song, actually all of Hozier's songs are fit to this playlist. His voice is just amazing!!

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2. Gallant - Sweet Insomnia (feat.6LACK)

Gallant's sweet insomnia is in his newest album. I first heard this song at the Starbucks and since then the melody remained in my head. If Hozier was my first love, Gallant is my current love! His voice is so soft, emotional and I admire the fact that he writes his own music so that his music has consistency and really exhibits his artistic world. Not only sweet insomnia,

-Weight In Gold
-Bone + Tissue
-Talking To Myself

are the songs of Gallant that I also love and I know they would never let you down!!

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3. Justin Bieber(feat. Post Marlone) - Deja Vu

I have to say that I literally love EVERY songs of Justin Bieber. I love his voice, his extraordinary musical talent. When I first heard this song, the melody just captured me and the song was just harmonious with rap and singing. I would say this song overall is DREAMY///

4. Vance Joy - Riptide

Riptide is another song that I am also passionate about. If you like the music, you should see the music video. I have to say it is very simple yet one of the most creative because it translate the literal meaning of the lyrics into video. Also, you should try Taylor Swift's version that she cover on the BBC radio.

5. Sam Smith - Writing's On The Wall(From 'Spectre' soundtrack)

Sam Smith is not only my favorite favorite musician, I think he is one of the great musician in the century. This song is just a pure master piece to the extent that I always make sure my mind and soul be prepared before listen. Since this song is a soundtrack of the 007 movie, this song has strong impact, just by listening to the music would make you finished a movie.

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6. TVXQ - Bolero

I just chipped in my favorite boy group of all time to this list. But this song is ain't no joke, like Writing's On The Wall, listening to this song is like watcing a movie. The instrument is huge, there is a whole orchestra going on, and the every TVXQ member sings like there is no tomorrow. Their vocal spectrum really go beyond in this song and I get goosebumps everytime I listen(with a little bit lie included). I also want to recommand their LIVE video on Youtube singing this song.

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Pheww... writing a playlist recommendation is not as easy as it looks. I really had to put all my heart, soul and musical knowledge(which is few) to this article.

I hope y'all love and relate to my playlist!!
Thank you♥ (Stay Safe!!)