My Appearance

Image by Blandina pink, home, and decor image beautiful, classy, and expensive image fashion, pink, and luxury image melanin and black girl magic image aesthetic image Image by Chloe beauty, makeup, and fenty beauty image makeup, beauty, and bronze image Image by Shan

My Favorite Perfume

Image by strip factory dior, perfume, and pink image dior, pearls, and perfume image Image removed

My Favorite Outfit

pink image beauty, fashion, and hair image fashion and style image Image by Chloe fashion, outfit, and style image Image by Love_is_life

My Fave Bag

bags, black, and chanel image bag image bag image fashion, Louis Vuitton, and paris image

Pretty Jewelry

gold, Playboy, and bunny image gold, Playboy, and fashion image gold and tumblr image accessories, aesthetic, and earrings image

My Dream Shoes

prinxessvibess image Image removed prinxessvibess image Image removed

My Dream Apartment

room, home, and bedroom image beautiful, fashion, and outfit image Temporarily removed bedroom, room, and home image design, diy, and inspiration image home, interior, and luxury image