So here I am again with another fun tag thing.. :D I'm not even gonna make any more excuses about my tag addiction, just go with it okay ;D

I was inspired by this article

10 things you want in your dream house

art, artsy, and bambi image book and computer image film, Film Photography, and russia image bath, beauty, and beautiful image
10. Two story house 9. Big yard with fruit trees, an herb garden and a pool 8. Elliptical machine 7. Office/library combo 6. Solar panels 5. Two bathrooms 4. Attic, basement 3. Fish tank 2. Fireplace 1. Vintage wallpaper

9 things about your favorite season

winter and frost image Image by mattamanga marshmallow, food, and chocolate image aesthetic, alone, and night image
9. Cold, crisp air 8. Foggy, cloudy 7. Snowfall 6. Houses and trees covered in snow 5. Winter boots 4. Christmas season 3. Rorate Masses 2. Christmas break 1. New Year's partay

7 qualities in a significant other

love and hands image couple, girl, and woman image couple, love, and boy image couple, beach, and love image
7. Funny 6. Kind and caring 5. Spiritual 4. Patient and understanding 3. Open-minded 2. Intelligent 1. Attentive

6 things you do in the morning

bed, photography, and room image Image by αทαťҽɾɾα☼☽☆゚ coffee, pajamas, and girl image lips, makeup, and aesthetic image
6. Turn off alarm 5. Make bed 4. Get dressed 3. Brush teeth and hair, wash face, moisturise, do makeup 2. Breakfast, pack food for school 1. Check phone

5 fictional characters you identify with

study, gilmore girls, and quotes image skins and cassie image disney, money, and tiana image Alyssa, james, and tumblr image
5. Chandler Bing (Friends) 4. Rory Gilmore (Gilmore Girls) 3. Cassie Ainsworth (Skins) 2. Tiana (The Princess and the Frog) 1. Alyssa (The End Of The Fxxxing World)

4 pet peeves

funny and real image attitude, people, and thinking image
4. Inconsiderate 3. Selfish 2. Narrow-minded 1. Narcissistic

3 colors you wear the most

girl, grunge, and jeans image fashion, grunge, and style image grunge, style, and boots image art, bad, and boots image
3. Blue 2. Black 1. White

2 talents you wish you had

aesthetic, alternative, and guitar image gerard way, mcr, and my chemical romance image radiohead, creep, and music image anthony, rhcp, and kiedis image
2. Singing 1. Public speaking

1 thing you are looking forward to

cupcake, birthday, and food image
1. Birthday party with my friends

That's all, do try it yourself if you liked it! :)