I dreamed of you once again, they always try the same thing but each time they hurt more, I try to go back to sleep to continue dreaming of what we could have been but we both just destroyed.
I dream that we escape from the hand of all the problems of this world, I dream of your soft lips kissing my whole face, I dream of your thin and strong arms holding me as you used to, I dream of each of the things that made me happy about you.
We have a year apart, and yet I still don't understand why everything went so wrong and it still hurts the way you do.
I dreamed of your smile, with your sweet voice and with your infinite patience to me, I still feel that pressure in my chest that I still love you like the first time I saw you but now I can't give you all that love, you are so far away Once for my own good, because I alone took care of getting you away as much as I could from me.
I regret it, yes, no, I don't really know.
I dreamed that we were a family, I never had an accident and if we had our daughter, we both wanted her and now she was a girl with your upturned nose and my eyes, and obviously our straight black hair.
I dreamed that we hugged all night, that you gave me kisses on the back of my neck like you used to, you wrapped both arms around my waist and you hit me to your body as if your life depended on it.
I dreamed that we were older, that we reconciled, you had your hair long as you always dreamed of having it and you looked at me with as much love as before.
Everything has its time and its moment, I have understood it, but I think that a moment like the one I have lived with you I will never find it again, it was a very sad story, a beautiful but painful story, a little taste of heaven.
It doesn't hurt like before, but I still miss the feeling of loving you, what we were doing and living as only you and I knew how to do it, I miss that complicity we had, those kisses, those caresses, those endless talks, those customs that were made to us thanks to all the time we spend together.
I am glad that you have advanced even if you are still as sad as I am, I like to see your smile even if it is not for me, I forgive you and I would like to hold you in my arms for a moment even if it was small, just one more time, just to tell you that I will never truly love anyone the way I did with you and that you will always have a great piece of me.
Sometimes I close my eyes and let my soul fly to your side once more, to the past, to when we were together even to go to the bathroom, to our house, to our nightly talks with a beer and marijuana, to our rabbit that we take care of Like the son we never had
Thanks to the fact that I have healed wounds from the past, I want to tell you that now that I think about it without so much resentment, you are not someone bad, you are just bad, very bad, and I always knew it, still I loved you so much that I think I died in the process of love you and now I only exist without much sentimental faith, I left you because at that time it was the best, I still think that it is not the time to be together, but what a pleasure it was to have agreed with you after we were simply destined to say goodbye.
I tried to make you feel my love, I am sorry to hurt you because I know that just as you did, I did the same with you, now I would like all that time we spent fighting to hug and kiss a little more.
I still remember your look, the one you gave me when you went to the airport, when we parted ways, my heart keeps breaking the same way it did that time when I remember the way you looked, you didn't want to leave and hopefully and not You would have done, I would have preferred one more day with you to the rest of my life without you.
I hope you remember me not as negatively as I think you do, I love you awi.
Take care of yourself, even if you never read this, I hope and you are well, little mouse mime.
I will always, really always love you, wherever you are, because our relationship has been good or bad, we were connected in a way that no one will ever understand and you took a part of me as I did from you when we said goodbye And I think that will never change
I forgive you, for everything, you are forgiven, I hope and you can forgive me one day.
Don't be a fool, grow up, live, fulfill your dreams, it will be a pleasure to see that you made them come true, my piece of heaven.