Hello everyone! I haven't posted an article in a long time but now here I am! Yes I'm bored and I decided to write this article, so I really hope you like it, let's start!

1. Start a course or learn about something you like

Education is important. Learn about something you actually like even if other people think it's something useless, and you will see the positive impact on your life. Yes I know most of the people don't like to study but trust me, it can be different if it is something you like

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I want to recommend two websites I find really helpful to learn
Crehana and Coursera
Some courses are free (good news if you are broke af like me) but most of them are paid. Please, take the time and do your own research if you want to know more about this (I'm not being sponsored jaja)

2. Yes. Exercise is important
Yes, I know that you are tired of this phrase and I'm sorry. I hate doing workout (tbh) but take the time to found something you like. There are different ways to do exercise not just the typical squat routine

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Yes, I'm a kpop fan and dancing is my way to do exercise. What about you?

3. Write a letter for your future self
Think about where you would like to be or who you would like to be in the future and write a letter to the future you. Write it like it was a letter for someone you love. Decide when you would like to read it and save it in a safe place until that time.

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4. Call that friend you haven't talked with for a long time
I have done this during this quarantine and WOW it feels so good to hear someone you used to talk with almost everyday. Also it is a good idea if you want to make someone smile today :). It will be a beautiful surprise

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5. Do vision board
A vision board is a collage of pictures of things you would like to achieve. If you want more information about this there are a lot of videos and articles that talk about it and how you can do yours. I'm sure you will have a nice time doing it and also, it will work as an inspiration for you to make your dreams come true. So, what are you waiting for?

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6. Talk to that boy/girl you like
You never know what can happen ;). Everyone likes memes, right?

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If he/she ignores you, don't feel bad please :(. It's their lost. You deserve someone who loves you just the way you are, ok?

7. Do you have a hobby?...
If you have a hobby, then take the time to do something you like. And if you don't, don't worry you can start looking for something you like or you can just sleep, listen to music... Do whatever you want

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8. Listen to a lofi playlist
I really love that kind of playlists it makes me feel so relaxed. If you haven't listened to a one I really recommend you to do it. They are perfect for doing homework ;)

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So this all I have for you guys and I hope you like this ideas and at least do one of this things. Bye :)

Of course I do not own any of the images used in this article. So credits to the owners of them

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