Sitting at a desk, lonely, in the right mindset. Dark clouds hover over this Florida house, trees shaking from the aggressive 40-60mph wind. Thunder taking away the pain and anxiety, lighting taking away my stress and unfixable heart. Most people would be scared of this natural disaster, but for me, it brings me peace, a strong mindset,silence, writing freely on this rough draft page.

cloudy, nature, and rain image Image by MiCheam

Hearing thunderstorms and rain almost every morning takes me deeper into my lucid dreams, thunderstorms to me is a big portal of freedom and enlightenment.

beauty, clouds, and colors image

Freedom is trying to create new tell-tales whereas enlightenment gives you unlimited options on where your fairy tale goes because, in the real world, fairy tales are dangerous. I want to be able to tell fairy tales I’ve created on my own, not the fake ass ones with fairy godmothers and bright color dressed princesses. Nobody ever knows the real reason why it rains and thunderstorms, the real reason is that the rain is telling a story, a fairy tale while thunder and lighting drain your energy to sit back and listen more.

Most of the human population doesn’t understand that but this is what I’ve recently learned while writing how I felt.