what is a relationship?

For this question, we all may have a different answer because of our own experience. It's a pretty simple question but despite that our answer might change because of what we see on social media, on tv, and in person.

Keep in mind there are 4 different types of relationships, but in this case we're focusing on a romantic or intimate one.

So let's search up the definition on google first:

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"Being in a romantic relationship usually means the two people involved are intimate with each other (emotional closeness) and are probably sexually active to some degree (passion), but what turns romance into real love is the addition of commitment- the agreement to remain faithful to each other..."

Ok so now that you know the actual definition of it let's get down to the real questions that you may have.

"How do I know that I'm ready to be in a relationship?"

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After having fun while being single, you may realize that you want to settle down with someone. Especially if you have self love and you're already successful in life so you want to share this experience with someone by your side. If you're ready for that committment then go for it!

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"I'm talking to someone but he/she isn't ready for a relationship. What do I do?"

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You can choose to wait but how long are you going to? You have to remember that time is precious! If you're ok with waiting then be my guest, but you should always keep in mind that there are other fish in the sea! There could be someone out here waiting to talk to you and wants to treat you right! You have to realize your worth and what you stand for. It's ok to be friends in the mean time, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. You'll be able to explore your other options, and who knows you'll probably find someone a lot better than the person you're waiting on.

"How do you know someone truly wants to be there and succeed alongside you?"

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When a guy/girl is clear about their intentions about what they want to do in life and if they want to grow with you, then that's how you'll know that they're the right one for you. This is where communication comes in because you two want to reach the same goal: being successful. If he/she is always supporting and motivating you to do better, than that is the right person for you. That person wants what's best for you and your future, so you gotta trust that he/she has the best intentions in the relationship.

"How can you seperate yourself from work and love?"

Good question!

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Well you can't, but hear me out! When you're deeply in love with someone you can't change that. What matters is how you handle the feelings you have for that person. There's always that one saying; "don't mix business with pleasure". I agree. why? Because you shouldn't let your emotions cloud your judgement when it comes down to business. For exmaple, let's say hypothetically you and your spouse have the same job. There will be conflict if you bring your personal problems to work. One of you might even end up losing your job if you don't communicate and solve the problem before it get to that point. Working together and settling terms will make things easier for the both of you. Remember it's you two vs the problem not each other!
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For example, even for influencers it can be pretty hard because their life is revolved around social media. People know who they are and their lifestyle since it's protrayed for the whole world to see. Being on social media is basically their job now but despite that, a lot of celebrity couples bring their problems online instead of talking about it face to face. Just because you're an influencer doesn't mean u have to put EVERYTHING on the internet. It can be used against you and you constantly hear about something that happened to you months, or even YEARS ago.

"How do you know when you can confide in or trust someone?"

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From my personal experience I can read people easily. If I get good vibes from him/her then that will make me feel comfortable enough to tell them what's on my mind without feeling judged. A person could open up to you first, and if they trust you then that's one way to know that he/she is trying takes you serious. This is someone who wants you trust them as much as they trust you. That's how you'll know that he/she wants to build a strong bond with you. If the trust isn't there then it'd be best to look for someone else out here with better intentions for you.

"Is it more ideal to take things slow with someone you know you're in love with or should you get serious and deep as soon as possible?"

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This is similar to the first question but I believe that it's more ideal to take things slow with someone you know you're in love with because there's no reason to rush. It's better to go with the flow and live in the moment. As each day goes by your feelings might run deeper because of how much time you two are spending with each other. Then when the time is right that's when you two talk about it and see if you want to make it official.

last question

"How do you get over someone when you're out of the relationship?"

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You let yourself heal. I will be doing a seperate article on this question alone, but there is a healing process that you must follow. Start off with the first step: acknowledging how you feel. Once you do that, then following the rest of the steps will be a breeze.

ok that's all for today! i will be doing a part 2 if this gets a lot of love!

p.s. this article is for everyone no matter what ur sexuality is <3


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