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I've never been super keen on weddings, or the type to imagine my wedding as a young girl. It's only something I have even given a real thought to in recent years. I think I have though narrowed down something I feel is timeless for me, not based on whims or trends or current preferences. Though, I still will have an impulse to subvert the whole thing and have a messy, unusual grungey event instead.

1. Where do you want your proposal?

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A quiet, private spot, like on a forest walk or when exploring old towns or sites.

2. What is your ideal engagement ring?

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A delicate, ornate ring with moonstone or opal. Synthetic would be nice for ease of mind, and I wouldn't want it to be overly expensive. Definitely not a diamond, because I don't want to play too much into the hands of the diamond engagement ring sales gimmick more than I am!

3. Where will the wedding take place?

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Somewhere with a lot of greenery, like a greenhouse, or an old overgrown estate.

4. What kind of dress do you want?

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Silhouette and the "weight" of the dress are most important. I want my dress to be light and delicate. Either satiny or comprised of a lot of sheerness or sparkles. I never wanted a white wedding dress, but white actually suits me a lot so I may go that route after all. Silver is very tempting as well. But I think it needs to be very form fitting, or form fitting in the bodice but with a flowing wide skirt. I also know strapless, very thin spaghetti straps, or off shoulder would be best suited to me. Also nothing too over the top or expensive, maybe something I can convert to a more practical article of clothing after. Wedding dresses are outrageously priced for the quality you actually get, never mind the use. I feel like I'll have a hard time finding a dress...
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Though maybe I'll go wild and actually end up with something over the top and historically inspired.

5. What are the bridesmaids wearing?

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Definitely no matching dresses. I will also have at least two men amongst the "maids" so I don't want to restrict the outfits too much anyway. But, I want a kind of Art Nouveau, turn of the century style for everything, so Victorian bohemian looking suits in blacks and greens, and dresses in shades of green and cream and black is what I would try and find for my bridal party.

6. What does your bouquet look like?

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A green and white cascade. Probably only greens and whites but I may not be able to resist pastel flowers being thrown in.

7. Who is your Maid of Honour?

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I have a handful of extremely good, close friends, and we've briefly talked about this because of that. I think the official title of Maid of Honour would go to my friend from elementary school, simply to honour our friendship nearing two decades in length. Though beyond that, I don't really think any one person will be more "honoured" or "burdened" with tasks.

8. How many bridesmaids do you want?

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I think 6 or 8. I definitely want the same number of groomsmen and bridesmaids, and ideally an even number of each for picture symmetry.

9. Veil or no veil?

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Maybe, depending on the dress. I do not like modern veils that just drag behind you/clipped to the back of your head, I find that to be a bit silly. If I choose a veil, it will be long, covering my face, and a bit ghostly and ethereal looking.

10. How is your hair done?

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Down and sleek. probably straight but possibly with loose but sculpted waves. Perhaps I will add a flower in at the reception, or other such decoration.

11. What does your make up look like?

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Dewy, subtle, and neutral. I want to look like myself.

12. What does the cake look like?

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There may not be a cake at all. But, desserts in the theme colours for sure (deep chocolate blacks, matcha green, cream and white).

13. What colour are your nails?

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Shiny, translucent neutral, and long and pointy.

14. Winter or summer wedding?

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Late summer or early fall.

15. Is there a particular month you'd like to get married?

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August or September.

16. Where is the honeymoon?

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I think I'd prefer to just relax in the mountains, rather than do something too big. But, maybe Scotland, Italy, or Germany would be a good trip. If the world is still intact enough.

17. Will you get an event planner?

Probably not. I can't really justify the expenditure, when I know I would want to be involved with every detail anyway. Might as well just do it all myself. I've always planned pretty successful events with very minimal resources, so I've had some practice too.

18. How many people would you invite?

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Either it will be intimate and very formal and ceremonial, or big and casual. But definitely not too big--I don't like the idea of inviting acquaintances and distant relatives who will only be there to enjoy a party.

19. Which earrings will you be getting?

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Ornate and sparkly, but not too big or distracting.

20. Would you have a photographer and videographer?

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Photographer, but no videographer. It seems a bit unnecessary nowadays, and a bit cheesy.

21. Save the Dates or Invitations?

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Invitations. To be honest, I don't really get what save the dates are about. I'd probably just do an online "save the date" thing, and send real invitations.

22. What do you want to do the night before the wedding?

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Just an evening or dusk walk.

23. Would you consider pre-marital counselling?

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I don't know: I don't see a specific reason to do so in my situation. And it would have to be with a trusted spiritual figure--it wouldn't work with just anyone.

24. Would you rather see a video of the event or get a photo album made?

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Album no question. Hard copy book form is the only form for me.

25. Is there a perfect song you have in mind for the first dance?

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Fish on the Sand by The Allah-Las (George Harrison cover). That being said, I don't like dancing, I don't enjoy it and it doesn't feel natural to me, so I'm not all in on the idea of too much dancing or a first couples dance.

26. One must have item?

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Flowers and greenery. And this is the furthest from essential, but I think it would be really cool to have a painted landscape backdrop to create an old-fashioned, interesting, and unusual photo station.