How can we know if denial is what's keeping our dreams out of reach?

Here are three signs of the "acute dream denial" that I saw in myself and my advice on how we can start accepting what we love to do too.

1) We don't want to be a cliché.

🌷Being the "typical" girl with "typical" aspirations isn't a bad thing.🌷

We must accept that some people actually are meant to do what they aspire to do.

Cliché can be a negative word against our dreams. Think this way: If not for the hundreds of people that follow the big-time doctor or lawyer dreams, we'd have little of them! So press on and aspire to your own heart's desire, no matter if there have been millions of others on your same path! This means that you can scale up in the future with like minds! Super!

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2) We can't afford formal education.

🌷You can start your lovely dream on a path that's all your own.🌷

Thank God for Google.

Maybe we think that we won't grow in our passion if we don't first learn formally about it. We'd rather not even try since "everyone else had proper schooling." With the internet now, we can learn what we want to learn without many limitations. Getting a formal education in your passion is great but if you can't afford that, ne t'inquiète pas. Try using small bits of money to try online courses on places like Skillshare. Buy guides from your favorite influencers, or use YouTube's plethora of free knowledge. Even try Audible's Trial periods!

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Read books, watch other people's journeys and be intentional about retaining the knowledge by taking notes and bookmarking the content.

3) We are afraid of people.

🌷You can keep going girl, it's totally normal to encounter naysayers if you chase your dream.🌷

The majority is what matters.

The fear of what others might think of us can hold us back from executing our passions and dreams. A customer told me (after I cried a sad story to her) that "the majority is what matters." We mustn't let the doubters hinder our growth. The more your dream realizes the more "undesirables" as my friend and I love to call them, will rear their heads. Remember the people that are proud of you because they are what matters most.

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Princess, you won't please everyone. C'est la vie! (That's on them anyway lol)

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