Every "angsty teen", coming of age movie tells us that high school is supposed to be the prime of our lives.

You always have to be happy. Yet still melancholic because you're "angsty". There must be romance and heartbreak and sex and drugs and smoking cigarettes and losing friends and being the outcast.

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I'm here to tell you that it's all a lie. And we all know it. For the majority of us, our teens don't have wealthy parents, we don't have big houses, we don't have romances. Most of our crushes never even notice us. A lot of us are depressed and anxious, too much so to do anything. We don't all smoke and drink and go to parties and most of us are "outcasts" because the rest of us are all the same.

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The truth is, teenage hood is a mixed bag. There's sadness, anxiety, and happiness. Things will workout and things won't. There's complicated people, toxic people and people that actually love, respect and understand you (even when you feel like an outcast).

Being a teenager is just a part of life. And life isn't a movie, but it's yours to live.

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