Second part of Comes and goes' OCs!

Claire Slipper

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November 17th, 1960 | gryffindor | duck patronus | silver lime wand with unicorn hair core | enfj | ancient runes graduate. ethical, curious, perfectionist.

Laurel Yaxley

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April 24th, 1961 | slytherin | weasel patronus | fir wand with dragon heartstring core | estj | engineer. strong-willed, organized, resourceful.

Valerie Nott

girl, juno, and quotes image yellow, aesthetics, and music image yellow, fashion, and girl image dusk, quotes, and thoughts image
November 24th, 1960 | hufflepuff | badger patronus | ebony wand with dragon heartstring core | istp | law magician. straight-forward, rough, concrete.

Cosmin Murray

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April 25th, 1961 | gryffindor | hedgehog patronus | willow wand with unicorn hair core | isfp | quidditch player |. insecure, adventurous, original.