Vincent van Gogh's Short Story

When I was a senior in High School I took a class called "Art Appreciation," in which we stuidied several artists, their artworks, and the feelings and ideas they tried to express through their creations. Since then, I fell in love with two artists in specific, Michelangelo Buonarroti and Vincent van Gogh.

I will be writing another article about Michelangelo, but first, let's go with van Gogh...

Vincent van Gogh was an artist from Zundert, Netherlands. He was one of the greatest post-impressionist painters, and over his life he painted more than 900 artworks.

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Throughout his life he suffered from a psychiatric illness, which led him to commit suicide in 1890. "Maniac depression," a chronic mental illness that affects creative people.

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His life was not easy, he moved to Arles planning to live there with another artist, Paul Gauguin, dreaming about an artist's community in his Yellow House. However, after spending more time with Gauguin, they realized their different points of view about art, etc. Made them incompatible. After a few discussions and a breakdown from van Gogh, he cut off his ear and ended up at the hospital.

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Slowly, his illness consumed his life, making his neighbors at the Yellow House to make a petition against him. Then, he decided to become a patient and go live at the Saint-Paul-de-Mausole psychiatric hospital in Saint-Rémy, where he spent most of his time working on his artworks.

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While being there, he wrote several letters to his brother, Theo, who remained always concerned about Vincent's health.

The first months went well until he suffered more crises, feeling hopeless that he would ever recover, decided to leave the hospital as soon as possible and he moved to a village near Paris, to be close to Theo.

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A doctor was appointed to take care of Vincent over there, yet, van Gogh remained feeling hopeless, defeated and broken by his own illness and committed suicide in 1890.

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Here are his most famous paintings:

The Starry Night (1889)

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Sunflowers (1887)

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The Yellow House (1888)

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Bedroom in Arles (1888)

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Café Terrace at Night (1888)

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I think he tried to hold on his life through his paintings, but his illness was fighting hard to get it. My art teacher explained that, for example, in The Starry Night, you can see that the lines throughout the painting are irregular and all over the place, maybe like his thoughts were.

I hope you liked it! I promise I will dedicate an article just for his quotes, which are so powerful and deep.

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