hey you,

i can't believe how different our lives are from last year,suddenly you really did came back to our country when i've left any hopes that this was really gonna happen.
so many things has changed,i mean,you've got a boyfriend,so do i,
but seeing you it felt like nothing has changed and that's the f*cking problem.
that very moment when you start telling me about your boyfirend,i saw it in your eyes,i really hope to not be able to see it but i saw it,you were and you still are in love with him,aren't you?
so many things felt like time has stopped but meanwhile so many proved the opposite,last year i was your favourite person,i was the one you would like to spend your 24/7 with,to smile when your heard my name,but now it feels like something is holding you back,you don't even care if we are gonna hang out this afternoon or no and it really breaks my heart that my chance to tell you how much i like you,not just a friend,has long gone.
the time was up,you left again,you said you'll miss me but i was already missing you,the old you,the one who wasn't in love with someone else but me,i still have hope that someday,just someday,our chance will happen.

We young i'll find you again if it's real.