“Tomorrow is another day.” We’ve all heard that saying before. Hearing it, used to make us feel better on a day when maybe things didn’t go quite as planned. It gave us hope, and optimism for a fresh start. “Tomorrow” would be a clean slate. The problems of “yesterday” were gone, and “tomorrow” would be an opportunity for great things to unfold.

Now that we are well into 2020, and have experienced so much volatility, it has given the phrase “tomorrow is another day” a whole new meaning. In fact, 2020 almost discredits the phrase’s well-intentioned meaning. The days, week, and now months have gone by, while we are still swimming in a never-ending ocean of confusion, disappointment, and frustration. At this point, very little makes sense anymore. We’re overloaded with questions that we may never get the right answers to… and to put it bluntly, WE ARE OVER IT!

So, what happens when we’re ‘over it’ but can’t change the circumstances? Anxiety. Unfortunately, anxiety seems to be the mood for 2020. The good news is, there are ways to help rid you of anxiety, right at home. Start by opening your mind, and let the anxiety pour out.

Let’s focus our positive energy on a better tomorrow, and set the stage for a better mindset. But how? Start with these podcasts that will cure the soul, and purify the mind.

The Motherkind Podcast

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Motherhood is amazing. It's also very challenging, especially with today’s high-pressure, fast-paced world we live in. The Motherkind Podcast hosted by Motherkind founder and coach, Zoe Blaskey, is on a mission to bring you some of the best wellbeing teachers in the world. They aspire to help you find your inner peace in the madness of modern mommy life. Each episode features a different wellbeing expert, or a mom on a self care journey. The podcast covers everything from how to stay calm during a toddler meltdown, to dealing with anxiety, to simple tools for having a better day.

The Hardcore Self Help Podcast

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The Hardcore Self Help podcast is a weekly podcast that answers YOUR questions about mental health WITHOUT the psychobabble BS. Released every Thursday morning, you will hear information about everything from how to deal with anxiety and depression, relationships, addiction, and LIFE in general.

The Anxiety Coaches

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The Anxiety Coaches Podcast is a relaxing and inspiring production which discusses lifestyle changes and strategies for calm and peaceful living. Gina Ryan shares ways to calm your nervous system and heal from anxiety, panic, and PTSD for life. They bring you 2 episodes every week. Join them for a relaxing, informative and inspiring time to begin your journey to an anxiety-free existence.

Happy Place

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Fearne Cotton talks to incredible people about life, love, loss, and everything in-between as she dissects what happiness means to them. This podcast will help you look deep into yourself, and achieve incredible epiphanies. The content is mind-opening, to say the least!

Anxiety Slayer

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Award-winning anxiety relief podcast with tips, tools, and best practices to help you rid anxiety, stress, PTSD, and panic attacks. Give us 5 minutes and we'll give you a calmer mind. Great for a quick fix!

Meditation Minis

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Award-winning meditation podcast by hypnotherapist Chel Hamilton provides short-guided meditations to calm your anxiety, overcome negative thinking, increase confidence, and more. Want to meditate but just don’t think you have the time, or focus, to do it? This is the show for you. Most of these meditations are just 10 minutes - sometimes less! Tune in and soothe your stress away.