Hello everyone! For this article, I wanted to focus on one of my favourite book series from my childhood: Percy Jackson and the Olympians!

My favourite thing about this series when I was young was the lovable characters, how unique they all were and how attached I got to each one. So here are their aesthetics:

Percy Jackson

boy, ocean, and sea image eyes, green, and eye image couple, game, and manga image beautiful, boat, and river image Temporarily removed sea, photography, and ocean image
Son of Poseidon, Cabin 3

Annabeth Chase

hair, blonde, and braid image blue, green, and eyes image art, drawing, and architecture image Temporarily removed fantasy and warrior image blond, blonde, and hair image
Daughter of Athena, Cabin 6

Grover Underwood

art, beautiful, and blonde image autumn, leaves, and fall image alone, boy, and curly hair image statue, flute, and garden image flowers, green, and nature image forest, tree, and nature image
Satyr, Camp Half-Blood

Luke Castellan

Temporarily removed armor, medieval, and armadura image blonde, blood, and scars image Temporarily removed blue eyes, scars, and boy image aesthetic, sword, and tv show image
Son of Hermes, Cabin 11

Nico di Angelo

grunge, boy, and color image hell, dark, and grunge image Temporarily removed boy, aesthetic, and hair image Darkness, gif, and magic image black, castle, and gothic image
Son of Hades, Cabin 13

Thalia Grace

Image removed badge, black, and white image Image removed clouds, cool, and nature image sky, grunge, and clouds image alternative, Halloween, and alternative style image
Daughter of Zeus, Cabin 1

Thank you for reading! I might do another article for Heroes of Olympus as well :) Hope you have a good day.

Written by @kxkeru for the Tenth Muse Writers Team
Em ✧
Em ✧