Hi guys!❤

This is like my thousandth tag article in a few days, I'm sorry for spamming your feed if you follow me.. :D But chances are I'll get bored soon, so the end is in sight! Despair not!

Friends is one of my all-time favorite shows, and I thought doing this tag would be a fun tribute to the show. Enjoy!❤

I was inspired by these articles

Favourite male character

friends, chandler bing, and Matthew Perry image chandler bing, sofa, and Best image
Chandler Muriel❤

Favorite female character

chandler, Joey, and phoebe image 90s, friends, and pheobe buffay image friends, phoebe buffay, and tv show image friends, funny, and phoebe image
Queen Phoebe❤

With which character do most identify?

liam gallagher, noel gallagher, and oasis image friends, chandler, and chandler bing image
Chandler The Hopeless And Awkward

Favourite couple

Image removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Chandler & Monica❤

Least favourite character

Image removed Temporarily removed
Ross (I know I'm sorry don't hate me...but I just think he's so whiney and entitled and self-important pls don't hate me)

Favourite friendship

friends, rachel green, and monica geller image Temporarily removed
Monica & Rachel❤

Favorite season

phoebe, friends, and baby image
season 5

Which character's style is your favorite?

blonde, phoebe, and chill image phoebe, series, and funny image

Favourite character outside the group

Image removed Image removed
Emma Geller-Green (kind of part of the group but awww)❤

Funniest scenes

friends, Joey, and funny image friends, funny, and rachel image chandler, gif, and Joey image friends, funny, and Joey image Image removed funny image
wayy too many to choose from but these are some good ones

What made me cry

Image removed phoebe, friends, and baby image Temporarily removed chandler, hug, and Joey image
The One with the Morning After (3x16), The One Hundredth when Phoebe had to give up the triplets and The One with the Proposal (6x25)

Favourite episodes

friends, love, and ross image friends and tv show image
The One Where Rachel Finds Out (01x24), The One With the Prom Video (02x14), The One With Ross's Wedding Part 2 (04x24), The One Where Everybody Finds Out (05x14), The One with the Proposal (06x24/25), The One where Ross is fine (10x02)

That's all, feel free to try it yourself if you're a Friends fanatic like yours truly.. :DD