I saw this article these days, and I wanted to write my version of it as well, because there are so many little things that can really make my day; so, here we go:

1. sincere laughing
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there was one day I laughed so hard that two points at the back of my head started to hurt. From that day on, every time I laugh a little harder than the normal, it hurts and it reminds me I'm having a great time :)
2. late night chats
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for some reason, late night conversations feel much more personal and deep, and sharing it with someone just feels so special
3. cuddling with my cat
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best thing ever; he's so warm and cozy <3
4. hugging someone taller than me
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probably the best part of being short; it's so good
5. getting random compliments
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getting compliments is always nice, but when it's sudden and about the most random parts of myself is even better
6. absurdly long road trips
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this would actually take the whole day (or night), but it's just wondeful
7. waking up from a good dream
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dreaming is always good, but when you wake up with that feeling like you had the best time at night is irreplaceable
8. ice cream
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eating food is always good, but ice cream hits different
9. the sea
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I don't know where this comes from, but I have an obsession with the sea; I love the smell, the feel, the sight, the breeze that comes
10. waking up insanely early
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sleeping is great, but waking up spontaneously before the sun rises and just think about your life is honestly one of the best things ever
11. falling in love
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the consequences aren't necessarily positive, but the feeling of being in love itself is so pure and beautiful
12. reading beautiful words
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simply beautiful words; that's my favourite part about reading; that's because I love the words themselves and not only their meanings
13. finding out that you and someone you didn't expect to share the same taste in music
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this feeling is so good! it's always a good surprise to know someone likes some songs that you do
14. skincare
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my skin feels so nice after some skincare; I love it
15. feeling the city breeze
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I love feeling the breeze, but the city one smells better :)
16. randomly cute texts
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sometimes I can be that person, if I feel like it, but receiving texts like these makes my heart happier
17. singing a song at the top of your lungs
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that feeling when you realize you know the lyrics of a song
18. when that person calls for you
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damn I hate that I love it so much
19. falling in love for a book in the first page
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I just feel so connected with the book, it's wonderful
20. feeling desired by someone
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it just feels great
21. when my cat does something cute
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my heart melts every time
22. or funny
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my cat's funnier than me
23. smell of gasoline
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probably my fav smell
24. dancing
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dancing feels good every f time
25. inside jokes
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it feels so intimate and it's always so funny
26. discovering new songs
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it's great to refresh your playlists sometimes
27. taking a shower
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it always makes me feel better
28. doing better than expected in a test
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it just feels so good
29. music
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everything's better with some background music
30. a good night of sleep
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that night that you didn't wake up a single time and you remember your whole dream
31. cinnamon
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the smell of cinnamon is unbeatable
32. hearing 'i love you'
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my heart can't take it
33. c a t s
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no explanation needed
34. afterparties
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everything worth remembering happens after the party
35. paradoxes
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I absolutely love thinking about and coming up with paradoxes
36. thunderstorms
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so fascinating
37. walking
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I love to walk to let all my imagination flow
38. daydreaming
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I do it all the time and, honestly, best thing ever
39. tea
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tea goes well no matter what
40. knowing i was in someone's dream
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I feel kinda special

that's it <3

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