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Some time ago I did this for The Society cast...

This is inspired in the show from Netflix not the comics.

Let's do this!


Founder: Godric Gryffindor
House colours: Scarlet and gold
Animal: Lion
Element: Fire

Luther Hargreeves

gryffindor and harry potter image quotes, love, and red image gryffindor image vintage and music image boy and grunge image moon, art, and vintage image
We have to risk everything to save everything.

Diego Hargreeves

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Youโ€™re luckier than most. When you lose someone, at least you can see them whenever you want.


Founder: Helga Hufflepuff
House colours: Yellow and black
Animal: Badger
Element: Earth

Klaus Hargreeves

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Eternal peace is probably overrated.

Ben Hargreeves

aesthetic, background, and black image aesthetic, yellow, and hufflepuff image yellow, book, and sofa image hand and light image harry potter, hufflepuff, and yellow image converse, black, and grunge image
At least this time I get to say goodbye.
Founder: Rowena Ravenclaw
House colours: Blue and bronze
Animal: Eagle
Element: Air

Vanya Hargreeves

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If you believe in yourself, just once, great things are gonna happen for you.


Founder: Salazar Slytherin
House colours: Green and silver
Animal: Serpent
Element: Water

Allison Hargreeves

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When something seems too perfect, itโ€™s usually anything but.

Number Five

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We didnโ€™t choose this life, weโ€™re just living it.

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