Silience- n. the kind of unnoticed excellence that carries on around you every day, unremarkably (The Dictionary of Obscure Words)
Recently, I have been naming my playlists after words for commonly felt feelings that are hard to explain. Silience represents the hidden talents people have that are never shared with the world. I decided this was the perfect name for my back to school playlist. The playlist itself is over ten hours long (so perfect for long study sessions) and covers a wide variety of genres. I'll put the Spotify link down below for those interested :)

Love in My Pocket by Rich Brian

70s, aesthetic, and header image couple, aesthetic, and grunge image couple, Relationship, and kiss image Image by alixeok
I got love up in my pocket and I don't know what to do with it// I got love up in my rocket and I don't know what to do with it// I got you up in my dreams but I'm all stuck in the reality

Naughty by RedVelvet

bed, fantasies, and red image aesthetic, alternative, and bambi image aesthetic, black, and Hot image aesthetic, body, and girl image
You pretend not to, but your eyes tremble// So close yet so far from giving you the signal and keep// Teasing you, desperate eyes and gestures, it’s so obvious

Lilith by Ellise

grunge, eyes, and pale image red, sin, and aesthetic image aesthetic, black, and femme fatale image 666, grunge, and aesthetic image
Comfortable enough to think you'll take her// But when she smiles, all her teeth are made of razors// She doesn't care about your words// Or how you'll save her// Where she comes from, there's no saviors

Your Eyes Tell by BTS

flowers, pink, and aesthetic image quotes, book, and eyes image love, couple, and kiss image art, aesthetic, and painting image
A future without you is a world without colour// Filled with monochrome coldness

Chicken Tenders by Dominic Fike

aesthetic, home, and interior image aesthetic, candle, and sex and the city image breakfast, girl, and food image aesthetic, pink, and hands image
Chicken tenders in my hotel, yeah// Christina's in my bed watchin' TV shows// When she hit the remote with her legs shakin', that's good love makin'

Kazino by Bibi

pink, aesthetic, and y2k image glitter, car, and luxury image aesthetic and edit image pink, aesthetic, and dice image
Bet yourself// I bet on this table and, you bet on that bitch// Demon under the table, talking to you// Risk it, risk it, risk it, till the last dime

Easy by Troye Sivan

gold, makeup, and eyes image quotes, words, and aesthetic image Distort, water, and lake image Image removed
I can't even look at you// Would you look at the space just next to your feet?// The wood is warping// The lines distorting

Movie Star by Cix

aesthetic, angel, and bath image aesthetic, angel, and collection image fashion, lace, and aesthetic image Swan, white, and aesthetic image
She’s a// Movie movie star// Everything with you// Is like a dream right now

3005 by Childish Gambino

future, grunge, and alexa chung image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by Villanel 90s, adventure, and aesthetic image
No matter what you say or what you do// When I'm alone, I'd rather be with you

Carefree by Rini

aesthetic, body, and naked image guitar, aesthetic, and theme image bag, bags, and new york image aesthetic, black, and blood image
Living life, being carefree// Focus on you, you focus on me// With my team you can't compete// Causin' good vibes while keeping the peace

Tattoos Together by Lauv

aesthetic, art, and painting image Inspiring Image on We Heart It clouds, star, and tatuaje image city, view, and aesthetic image
Tattoos together, something to remember// If it's way too soon, fuck it, whatever// Give me shapes and letters, if it's not forever// Then at least we'll have tattoos together

Blind by Role Model

art, blue, and inspo image couple, love, and aesthetic image lover, quotes, and aesthetic image art, blue, and inspo image
She got the gold hoops, Prada fit// I'm in love with all of it// Ex boy didn't get the picture, cut him out of it// I fall pretty hard, never really getting far// You make everyone look like they aren't anyone

Morocco by Kota the Friend

aesthetic, arabic, and dz image quotes, cash, and text image aesthetic, beautiful, and islam image aesthetic, alternative, and culture image
Rented out a bnb out somewhere in Morocco// Hidin' from the world I be feelin' like El Chapo
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