hey everyone! in this day, i’m really excited to post about one of my favorite things: movies. i’ll give you list of my favorite movies in the whole world.
as a warning, i must say that i don’t have a huge culture when it comes to cinema. i'm pretty basic, but i’m working on expanding my horizons and try new genres, directors, stories, and more.

okay, let’s go!
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🌻 day vii: make a list of your five favorite movies.

i. ‘the impossible’ (2012)

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i love this movie so much. i cry all the time but it haves such a great feeling at the end of hope and shows you the value of family.

ii. ‘the lord of the rings’ (2001-2003)

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i was born with this movies. my dad is a huge fan of the books and since i was born i became my dad's companion in watching movies and series. is a movie that's deeply connected to my dad and i's relationship and is such a masterpiece.

iv. ‘la vita è bella’ (1997)

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i cried, laugh, danced, and screamed to the tv all the time while watching this. such an incredible movie.

iv. ‘the truman show’ (1998)

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i watched this movie in 'history' class at school, and i loved it. i'm -normally- not a fan of jim carrey's work, but this one was unique and beautiful.

v. ‘die welle’ (2008)

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another movie that i watched on my 'history' class at school. a movie -that i think- is such worth seeing and makes you think a lot about the touch and presence of the past in today's society.

thank you so much for reading!
this is a minor list of all my favorites, i’m thinking about posting one with my favorites from each genre, actor or others, but we’ll see.

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