I am a coward
but I am straightforward.
I keep drowning and drowning in my thoughts and it's making me insane
but I know I am sane.
This is my way
And these thoughts are not vain.
This is who I am
I need to be okay.
Okay with who I may be,
I need to keep moving forward,
I don't need to wait.

It may be ephemeral
and I do want it to be parallel.
But I wait for the days when things don't get in my way
so I can be more me,
Better than yesterday
I hope they stay.

Hurray! you made it today,
Just remember who is watching from your first day
'HE' is there, 'HE' is there
'HE' is always there
'HE' doesn't judge
'HE' always keeps his promises.