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I hope you are all okay guys. Here is the second part of my modern Disney Princesses aesthetics.
Hope you will enjoy it :)
Let’s go!

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girl, guitar, and music image Image by littlefridd quotes and dragons image aesthetic, girl, and sun image
She’s 23 and an ISFP type. Her favourite colours are beige and orange. She’s gentle and observant.


black, girl, and photography image fashion, green, and silk image Inspiring Image on We Heart It dreams, inspirational, and pink image
She’s 27 and an INTP type. Her favourite colours are blue and pink. She’s ingenious and compassionate.


bed, bedsheets, and flowers image aesthetic, aesthetics, and boho image girl, beach, and photography image Image by Private User
She’s 18 and an ESFP type. Her favourite colours are light blue and purple. She’s enthusiastic and caring.


quotes, Dream, and motivation image girl, hair, and photography image fashion, hipster, and indie image raspberry, berries, and fruit image
She’s 20 and an ISFP type. Her favourite colours are yellow and white. She’s joyful and helpful.

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This is the end. Don’t hesitate to send me a message if you want to talk. Thank you for reading!

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