Today I've published a very different article. I've studied art during my high school years, and I wanted to share this story (;
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·First of all we need to introduce Leonardo Da Vinci.

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Leonardo Da Vinci, april 15, 1452; Anchiano, Italy

· Around the beginning of 1500, he was called, as well as many other important painters, such as Michelangelo, to paint the walls of the hall of the five hundreds.
This belonged to the Medici's family, one of the most powerful families, if not the most, in Firenze, Italy.

· Leonardo had a hard time painting affrescos, he didn't know the painting technique and left the wall painting unfinished.

· On the mid of the same century, the powerful family calls Giorgio Vasari to renovate the hall. In Leonardo's spot he paints "la Battaglia di Marciano".

So, apparently, now Leonardo's painting was lost.

· What people found out later, was a mysterious message in Vasari's painting, cerca trova (in english, search and find)

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Also, later on, people found out that the area of the hall was smaller than the original.
Theories started to appear then, and people started to question the work.

· Not until around ten years ago, specialists started an investigation inside the now museum. Effectively, there was space filled with only air between the Vasari's painting and the original wall.

Vasari had built a wall to make his painting.

This confirmed lots of theories, but the latest update was when they could finally discover what was behind the wall.
Obviously, they couldn't destroy Vasari's painting for the investigation, they had to use very specific technology.

· The wall behind was painted in beige, and it's now confirmed that Vasari didn't want to ruin a masterpiece such as Leonardo's painting. The samples they found matched Leonardo's painting "la Battaglia di Anghiari".

copy, louvre, and paris image
this is a Rubens' copy from when the original affresco was left unfinished before the renovation.

I hope you liked the anecdote. I've visited the place and I was so excited to find the painting with the secret behind.

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