Hello all of you beautiful people!

I came across one article by an amazing creator bubbleguumm

and it contained 100 questions that were somewhat different than what people usually ask each other. I really liked them so I decided to tag along (yes pun intended) and answer them. But before I start here's that said article

and another article by them where they answer all those questions

(in this article there are also two other articles tagged where people answer those same questions. Please check this one and those two others, they all have really great answers)

1) Have you ever lied and what was it?

Yes and I'm pretty sure everyone has lied at least about something small. In my case I've noticed that I sometimes lie more than what's necessary and I really am trying to be more honest.

2) What is your favourite colour eyeshadow?

I really like bright coloured eyeshadows and lately I've used different shades of red.

3) What is your biggest achievement to date?

I don't know, I haven't achieved anything that big. Sure achievements don't need to be groundbreaking for them to be important but anyway.

4) Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

More of an introvert but I do have some extrovert qualities.

5) What secret would you tell me?

I have this kind of a weird secret that I can share if you promise not to tell anyone, can you promise that?
Alright, well my brother invented a time machine in 2096 and when I tried it something went wrong and I got stuck in a time loop which is a place in between different realities and timelines until six nights ago you saw a dream where I was and that dream pulled me to this timeline.

Okay yeah that was dumb

6) Do you regret anything?

Yes, I have some regrets but most of them are just small things that I'll get over sooner or later

7) If you had $1,000 to spend what would you buy?

If that money would be something that I couldn't save for later then I'd buy some good quality bra, get a tattoo, if in that moment I'd need to buy some other things I'd buy them as well and donate rest to charity.

8) Do you have anger issues?

Not really

9) Is the glass half full or half empty?

Oh how I'd love it to be half full but unfortunately my pessimistic thoughts tell me otherwise

10) What is your favourite quote?

bloom, quotes, and nature image
This one is pretty great

11) Whom would you like to ask 100 questions too?

Maybe some of my friends

12) Whom do you admire?

There're so many people I admire like some people that I know (for example my best friend) and some famous people (for example Jane Fonda)

13) What scares you the most?

the possibility of me ruining my own chances and that's why living miserably boring life with no ambition or excitement, abandonment and kinda snakes

14) Are you a good dancer?

Nope but it doesn't matter, I still dance whenever I can

15) Are you girly girly?

No. I like some things that are stereotypically girly but still wouldn't describe me as girly

16) Could you give up eating meat permanently?

I think so, yes

17) What is your happiest memory?

I don't really know but one that comes to mind is me and some of my friends in one house where there was no electricity gathered around a few candles while singing Bohemian Rhapsody

18) Do you believe in God?

Not really. I'm not religious at all but I still am open to the idea of existance of something bigger than us

19) Are you a lover or hater?

I may come across as a hater but in reality I'm a lover, all the way

20) Where do you want to travel to?

Amsterdam, I'm not even sure why but I've been wanting to go there for some time

21) Who was Mother Teresa?

She was a catholic nun and after her death she's been declared a saint.

22) What is important to you?

My family and friends, health

23) Are you a hugger?

Not really but I'd like to be

24) Yes or no?

Why does this question make me anxious?

25) Do you know how to deal with negativity?

Well I'm a negative person and I deal with myself everyday so..
Okay no but really I think I know how to deal with it just fine

26) Are you honest about all your traits?

Yes and no, I mean like I want to be honest about them but I easily overrate or underrate some of my traits so I would seem like a better person or because I don't happen to like myself and am sure that I'm no good

27) Do you try and improve yourself?

Yes, as much as I possibly can

28) What is your favourite meal?

Maybe fajitas

29) Have you taken drugs?


30) What extreme sport would you have a go at?

Maybe skydiving, it seems to be pretty cool.

31) Can you speak another language?

Fluently I speak Finnish (my native language) and English. I can also speak some Swedish, very very bad Spanish and even worse French

32) You should smile and laugh everyday, do you?

I don't know, maybe?

33) Are you good or naughty?


34) What would be your dream job?

Movie director

35) Do you want children?


36) How do you spend your birthday?

When I was little I sometimes had a birthday party but nowadays I have some cake at home with my family or maybe go out for dinner.

37) Do you prefer shoes or handbags?

Shoes probably

38) Do you apologise when you are in the wrong?

Yes or at least I try

39) Are you generous?

On some level yes but I could and should be more generous

40) Do you exercise regularly?


41) What are your bad habits?

Being often late, not doing things until I have to hurry so I can get them done, smoking

42) What are you good at?

I'm good at remembering things that have no use whatsoever and at some card games. Also somebody said that I'm a good listener but I don't know about that.

43) How would your friends describe you?

Well I've heard them describe me as pretty level-headed and creative and kind and that I have a strange sense of humor (apparently in a good way)

44) Summer or winter?

Summer I think, in the summertime there are more things to do. Is it only a good thing? Not really since it makes me feel like a failure if I still don't do anything. But still summer is better because in the winter it's usually too cold.

45) Do you send cards/letters instead of texts/emails?

No but it'd be so lovely to actually write letters

46) Can you leave your phone at home and go out and have fun?

Unfortunately no

47) Are you tidy or messy?

Something in between I guess

48) What is your favourite outfit?

My favourite "everyday outfit" is maybe oversized jumper, fake leather leggings and boots

49) What meal did you last cook?

Chicken and rice

50) Where do you go with your friends?

Well it depends, sometimes we go to have coffee or beer or something and sometimes we just hang out at someone's place

51) What are you doing tomorrow?

I'm going to the bookstore but otherwise I've nothing planned

52) Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?


53) What is your ideal date?

Maybe having some type of a picnic in a nice place where we could just peacefully talk and eat and maybe play card games if the silences get too big

54) Do you believe in ghosts?

Yes (on some level)

55) What is your favourite joke?

One pretty good one (and stupid tbh) is "What's in common with an elephant and a rabbit? They both start with an E if rabbit's name is Edgar"

56) What are your dreams?

One dream of mine is to become a succesful movie director and/or scriptwriter

57) Do you like me?

bubbleguumm, I don't know you but by reading your own answers to these questions I can say that you seem very nice and super lovely

58) Have you ever been in trouble?


59) Have you ever surprised anybody?

Well I've sometimes given someone a present they weren't expecting or something like that but not really in a bigger way

60) What is your hobby?

The closest thing to like an "actual hobby" is maybe playing the guitar which I do sometimes (like once in three weeks) and I also read books quite a lot

61) Do you wear a bikini or swimsuit?


62) What do you like about Whi?

I like that I can find inspiration from here if I'm struggling with what to wear or something and I really like making different type of collections.

63) Do you have any disabilities?


64) How do you choose your friends?

I don't think we can really choose our friends. I mean yes we can have a say in it but in the end we just meet new people and if we get along well enough then friendship might just happen

65) Would you like to go and live on Mars?

Kinda yes, I mean It sounds really interesting and something I might wanna do but I probably wouldn't have the guts to literally leave everything behind and start a new life in another planet.

66) Do you clean your teeth every night?

Yes, sometimes I can forget but generally yes

67) Who is your favourite fashion designer?

I really have zero knowledge about fashion designers so I can't say

68) Do you wear makeup or go natural?

Usually when I go out I wear makeup but otherwise I mostly go natural

69) Do you eat McDonalds?


70) Where are you going on holiday this year?

Nowhere since we're in the middle of a global pandemic but also I don't go on a holiday every year anyways

71) How would you spend a day without money?

Just inside doing something but if I'd have to leave the house then I'd walk around in nature and maybe go to a library

72) Short hair or long hair?

I have short hair and I like it that way but for other people long hair is also beautiful

73) What did your last text say?


74) Who is your favourite singer/band?

I don't have one favourite but for example I like Lana Del Rey, Harry Styles, David Bowie, one finnish band called Apulanta, Bury Tomorrow... and many more

75) What festival would you go to?

If I had a possibility and money then pretty much to any music festival where there'd be at least somewhat good artists

76) What restaurant would you like to visit?

One chinese restaurant that I've walked past many times but never visited

77) Do you like football?


78) What pet would you like?

Maybe a cat

79) Where do you want to get married?

I don't know if I'd ever want to get married but maybe somewhere outside, although the weather in Finland is often shitty so I might have to think that over

80) When and where was your first kiss?

It was in a park when I was like fourteen

81) Who in history would you like to interview?

Freddie Mercury

82) Can you give a speech to 100 people?

Maybe. If it'd be about something I'm actually passionate about and on a good day then sure.

83) Do you suffer from anxiety?


84) What famous person would you like to be and why?

I don't know, like would I have to be that person for the rest of my life or like only some time? Would that mean that time goes back to the moment they are born but like that it's me? If no then would I only have their thoughts, like would I know that I'm not "really" that person but someone else being that person or just being them and having no idea that I wasn't them that morning?
(I don't know how to answer this question so I'm overthinking it, I'm so sorry lmao)

85) How do you express your feelings?

I'm very bad with emotions and I don't really express my feelings that directly which can be a bad thing and I easily let them build up inside my head, but I've learned that the easiest way for me to actually express them is writing

86) What is your favourite possession?

Probably my record player

87) What is your number one goal for this year?

To actually graduate

88) What makes you feel better when you have a bad day?

Probably losing myself to some movie or tv show or book... Sometimes it helps a lot if I talk to someone about something, not necessarily even about having a bad day but just about something

89) What is your favourite movie and how many times have you seen it?

Pulp Fiction is my ultimate favourite and I've seen it maybe twelve times (or more, probably more)

90) What are you doing this weekend?

I'm gonna go to see my friend's band and maybe I'll do some reading

91) Do you meditate?


92) What was the last thing you bought?

Not gonna lie, it was beer

93) What would you choose, tea, coffee or hot chocolate?

Coffee, always coffee

94) Do you keep a diary and what do you write in it?

Kind of yes, I don't write in it daily but I have a journal where sometimes I rant about stuff or just write down how I feel

95) Are you a party animal or a party pooper?

I'm not the biggest party animal but I like clubbing and go to parties more than some others so yeah, on a scale from party worm to party lion I'd be something like party flamingo

96) What does feminism mean to you?

I'm a feminist and I think everyone should be because it's literally about equality. Feminism is important and needed and a good thing for everybody. Obviously it can have a different meaning for different people but as in the general idea is gender equality, I'm sick and tired of hearing that it's just an excuse to hate men or that it's not really needed or some other bullshit. For me it also means empowering women and teaching that being a girl doesn't make you weak.

97) Who admires you?

I have no idea but who knows, maybe someone does

98) What type of music feeds your soul?

The type of music as in genre doesn't automatically matter only the song matters. I have this playlist that has songs that really feed my soul and the range is from Nocturne op.9 no.2 by Frédéric Chopin to Blinding Lights by the Weeknd and to Verminous by The Black Dahlia Murder so...

99) Do you like to stay home or go out?

It depends, most days I like to stay home but there're also times when I would much rather go out every single day

100) Out of 10 how happy are you right now?

Maybe 5

Okay wow, this took me much longer than I expected but it was fun to think about this stuff! Anyways if you had the time and energy to read this whole thing (or even if you didn't) I hope y'all enjoyed and I wish you're all doing good.

See you in the next article that I may or may not write, bye! x