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❝ these days I been feeling a bit under the weather. I honestly don't know why but nothing really interest me anymore. I don't want to do anything except just lie in bed and stare at the ceiling. I don't want to talk to any of my friends so I started avoiding social media and been ignoring their messages. It's weird that I started doing that because I been feeling so lonely but at the same time I just don't want to talk to anyone. Idk what to do at this point and idk why I've been feeling this way. Maybe someone out here been through this too?
a sad hermit.
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Maria/ @Desconocido - Dearest sad hermit, your message honestly touched my soul. I think many people experience days or periods where they feel dull, empty or dark as well. It’s important to take time for yourself and not feel pressured to always answer your friends or be around them. If they really are good friends of yours, you could tell them how you’re feeling or at least explain to them that you’re not feeling energetic enough to always hang out and answer them (social media breaks are ok!). In my opinion it is important though, - instead of ignoring them - to let them know that you don’t always want to hang out and that you want to take some time for yourself. Otherwise, when you are willing to surround yourself with friends again, they may not understand where you’ve been if they don't know about your feelings, and they may get offended a little bit. A good friend will understand, will give you your space to find your spirit of life again, and will be there when you are ready for them! Wishing you all the happiness, energy, strength and positivity! Love, Maria
Anika/ @TaintedAesthatics - Dear sad hermit, after I read your confession, my first thought was I wanna hug this girl. And, I hate hugs. I just want to say this, yeah, there are others who feel like you, at least I have. Don’t worry. It’s a phase, it’ll pass. It’s okay to be like this. We have good days and bad days. That’s just life. And, you’re just going through a bad time. Sometimes you just don’t want to start a day because then you have to finish it. The thought itself sounds exhausting when you’re going through the time you are right now. My only advice would be sleep it off? Even I don’t know. It usually works for me. And, also, do the things you love! Things that make you feel alive. Listen to music. Songs with a lot of beats. That helps me a lot. See movies and shows that make you laugh. I hope you feel happier. Lot’s of love, Anika <3
Toshita/ @ @toshitabhangale - Oh dear, I can totally understand your feelings as I have also been through this. I know how it feels feeling so lonely. But I just wanted to tell you that nothing in the world can stop you being happy. Take your time & know your worth. I'd say that stay in touch with your friends. Try to talk to any one of your friends who's close to you & let your heart open. And yeah, social media breaks are always good but try to spend time with your friends & family. Believe me it always helps. Love, Toshita.💖
Mack/ @Head_over_Heart - Hi! Look, I'll be frank and tell you that I don't really know what that's like to feel the way you are, but I do know people who have gone through this before, and if you need your space, you take your space. If they're your real friends they'll understand. One thing I know that always fixes my friend's mood, is when she's doing what she loves best. She's a writer, and when she gets like this, she writes for hours until she feels better. So, what I'm trying to say ,because I suck at words, is do what you do best and have fun doing it because it's those things in life that make it worth while. And just know, if you or anyone else needs anything, I"m always here, waiting to help. Wanting to help. Be well and safe on purpose and keep your chin up because things will get better. I promise.

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