Some of the OCs from my Harry Potter - Marauders era's story.

Astrid Avery

jodie comer image snake, book, and heart image harry potter, j.k. rowling, and hogwarts image train, aesthetic, and dark image
August 21st, 1960 | slytherin | eagle patronus | cherry wand with dragon heartstrings core | entj | mediwizard training. driven, sneaky, loyal.

Levi Zabini

African, korean, and han hyun min image slytherin, green, and venom image aesthetic, OC, and slytherin image art, bodyart, and dance image
February 4th, 1961 | slytherin | bear patronus | elm wand with phoenix feather core | intj | ballet dancer. sensitive, solitary, clever.

Anna Carousel

Image removed stars, aesthetic, and blue image library, book, and aesthetic image cigarette, piano, and music image
December 20th, 1960 | ravenclaw | thestral patronus | walnut wand with phoenix feather core| intp | unspeakable training. thoughtful, creative, logical.

Georgia Jenkins

natalie portman and actress image harry potter, fantastic beasts, and niffler image aesthetic, jeans, and outfits image hufflepuff, aes, and te image
July 2nd, 1961 | hufflepuff | bee patronus | ash wand with unicorn hair core | isfj | magical creatures trainer. corageous, introverted, practical.