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1. When were you born?

aesthetic, astrology, and boy image aesthetic, growth, and june image
june 19

2. how many countries have you visited?

travel, map, and europe image world, black, and travel image
16 (almost all of them are in Europe)

3. do you always smile on pictures?

selena gomez, smile, and selena image camera, photographer, and aventure image

4. what’s the last song you heared?

dark blue, gfriend, and kpop image quotes, gfriend, and 여자친구 image
Time for the moon night – gfriend

5. would you try living on a cage?

quotes, book, and frases image light beams image
Nope, i'm a little claustrophobic

6. if you could invent any holiday, what would it be?

cat, cute, and animal image art, baby, and chairs image
National day of the laziness

7. descrive the shirt you are wearing right now

clothes, korean, and red image computer, letters, and mac image
is a red t-shirt with thai letters

8. do you read the horoscope?

stars, blue, and aesthetic image astrology, gemini, and poetry image
Yes, but i don’t really believe in it

9. what did you wanted to be when you were a kid?

astronaut, astronauts, and breathe image tumblr, aesthetic, and art image
An astronaut

10. are you good at cooking?

kitchen, white, and home image Image by Ƭiana✨
Yes. I make a really good carrot cake

11. have you ever been to a live concert?

band, euphoria, and icons image ed+sheeran image
Yes, The Vamps and Ed Sheeran

12. What concert do you want to go to?

Taylor Swift, black and white, and music image blackpink image
Taylor Swift, Eric Nam, Blackpink and Twice

13. If you could speak 3 additional languages, what would they be?

black and white, russian language, and country image ゆめかわいい image
Russian, Japanese and Welsh

14. If you were a type of tree, which one would you be?

lemon, yellow, and aesthetic image lemon, summer, and italy image
A lemon tree

15. what’s your relationship status?

funny, single, and i'm ctfu image single image

16. do you want to get married?

couple, hijab, and mariage image engaged, she said yes, and proposal of marriage image

17. do you believe in soulmates?

Image removed aesthetic, boy, and forever image

18. do you usually remember your dreams?

sleep image Image removed
Yes, but they’re weird asf

19. have you ever made prank calls?

yellow, iphone, and nails image london, Dream, and telephone image

20. who was your first best friend?

Image by Leexie Arzate 👙☕🥀🕯️ me, friends, and love image
A primary school’ friend. We are still very close friends.

21. At what tine do you go to sleep?

city, house, and light image cat, cute, and animal image
Right now at 1 a.m more or less

22. name 3 songs that makes you want to dance

baddie and boss lady image Image removed
Boss Bitch by Doja Cat, HIP by Mamamoo and Wasabi by Little Mix

23. What are your favourite boys name?

Image by AlinaSavelieva aesthetic, drink, and man image
Adam, Jean, Alexander

24. What are your favourite girls name?

fashion, girl, and black image girl, fashion, and city image
Marion, Céline , Julie

25. do you sing in the shower?

Image by Private User funny quote, sing, and happy image

26. grab the book nearest to you, go to page 18 an choose a random quote

book, bookworm, and reader image books, bookshelf, and mythology image
One thing i’ll tell you about Meg: when you need things about plants created magically, she’s your girl- The Trials of Apollo : The Burning Maze

27. can you drive?

driving image nature image

28. Do you prefer ice cream in a bowl or in a cone?

cones, double, and food image ice cream, food, and delicious image

29. if you could live anywhere in the wolrd, where would it be?

country, stream, and wales image britannia, british, and cottage image

30. do you wear a fragance/perfume?

chanel, gold, and decor image one direction, perfume, and our moment image

31. do you like hugging people?

beautiful, hug, and Relationship image Image by ᯽𝕔𝕒𝕟𝕕𝕪 𝕗𝕝𝕠𝕤𝕤᯽

32. Titanic or The Notebook?

1997, 90s, and leonardo dicaprio image Image by Private User

33. Do you like someone?

couple, aesthetic, and Relationship image couple, rp hep, and Relationship image

34. have you ever cried bc you were happy?

funny and fandom image lifestyle, books, and homework image
Yes, a lot. When i get my driving license, when i made through the university i wanted, when i saw my parents after a long time, etc.

35. can you do a split?

amazing, do it, and flexible image arms, ballerina, and ballet image
I am unable. Definitely no, I'd break myself in two :(

36. if you could have any job in the world and get paid millions of dollars a year for it, what would be and why?

book, coffee, and drink image book, plants, and room image
Book reviewer. I’d get paid for reading!!

37. what’s your favourite quote?

band aid, bullet, and quote image Image by Leexie Arzate 👙☕🥀🕯️
Time heals everything

38. Favourite book?

book, harry potter, and dobby image harry potter, hermione granger, and ron weasley image
Any Harry Potter book

39. do you take naps?

couple, car, and travel image girl image
Yes, everyday

40. tell an embarassing story

chairs, classroom, and day image Image by Clodia Lesnick
the first day of high school i was meeting my classmates and a pidgeon pooed on my head. I was so embarassed, but my classmates (and now friends) helped me

41. what’s your height?

aesthetic image aesthetic, boys, and unsolved image
1.60 m

42. what would your parents have named you if you were the opposite gender?

miraculous, adrien agreste, and disney image quotes, Queen, and royal image

43. would you have an open relationship?

couple, grunge, and pale image couple, love, and hands image
I don’t think so

44. what did you dressed up as on last halloween?

Abusive image 80s image
Where i am from we don’t celebrate halloween, but i guess i’d dress up as ghostsbuster character.

45. Are you sarcastic?

fandom, funny, and Lyrics image aesthetic, attitude, and background image

46. do you like your nose shape?

makeup, orange, and beauty image beauty, freckles, and model image

47. do you love yourself?

quotes, art, and museum image pink, quotes, and mirror image
I’ve had self-steem issues, but now i’m fine and yes, i do love myself.

48. what’s your secret talent?

Image by Private User map, world, and travel image
It’s not secret but i know every capital of the world. (i dunno if this can be considered a talent xd)

49. what were you doing at midnight last night?

criminal minds, matthew gray gubler, and handsome image Image by Private User
I was watching Criminal Minds

50. how was your day today?

blue, munchen, and munich image blue, Croatia, and holiday image
Really sunny and hot


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