A healthy immune system helps you to keep free radicals damaging your cells, virus and bacteria causing illness and disease at bay. Therefore, it is quite interesting to observe that the mainstream online and offline media is full health advisory mentioning wearing masks, using hand sanitizers, keeping social distance. I have to listen to this every time I make a phone call. The voice of a young woman reminds everybody in Tamil language that if one develops symptoms like fever and cough a certain telephone number has to be called. She continues talking about not sneezing or coughing in public, wearing a mask, etc.
We shall not forget all the experts, whose words of wisdom are written down in articles, often contradicting themselves, confusing people, creating more fear and doubt. Therefore, it is better to stay away from all this news or at least, it is better to read it with keeping a distance, not believing all the fear-mongering stuff. Otherwise, one could really develop serious anxiety disorders, paranoia and/or depression.

However, as with a virus infecting through air droplets, it is necessary to protect one while being outside. Indeed, wearing a mask is quite useful for protection. For sure, it is advisable to wear a mask with several layers if you are among many people or in more crowded place, like in a supermarket. On the contrary, if you sit alone in a park or walk in the forest, it is not necessary.

Social distancing is another thing which should be practised. Even without the pandemic, keeping a healthy distance from people whom you do not know may be beneficial. Especially, if you are an empath and sensitive, you could feel that the presence of certain people drains your energy. The distance helps you to keep your healthy boundaries.

Washing hands with a sanitizer can be kept as a healthy habit, even after the pandemic. On my travels, it is my habit to take a hand sanitizer with lemon and Neem extract with me. It is quite refreshing when you have to wait hours for airplanes, buses or trains and gives you new energy. Therefore, when taking a closer look, all those suggestions make sense. However, one suggestion is often missing in the mainstream offline and online media — how to boost your immune system.
Let’s take a closer look at several immune-strengthening herbs, plants, fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin C rich foods

If one mentions Vitamin C, for sure, fruits like oranges, lemons or limes will come into your mind. Those fruits are really a great choice and normally, you can buy them in every supermarket. However, there are other options containing much more Vitamin C. Indian Gooseberry, also known as Amla or Nellikai in Tamil, has a very high Vitamin C content, acts as a powerful anti-oxidant and immunity booster. If you live in India, the fruit is easily available. In other parts of the world, you may get Amla capsules and powder. If you would like to buy capsules or powder, just study the ingredients and the labels. For sure, you should prefer organic quality. Try to get vegan capsules without any additives. The powder tastes quite sour. To make your Amla drink, you can take one teaspoon, mix it with water and then add honey, dates syrup or any other natural sweetener to it.

Another berry rich in Vitamin C is the Acai Berry. Like Amla, her Acai Sister helps to strengthen your immune system. Additionally, both berries are beneficial for your skin and help you to keep a youthful glow. Like with Amla, if you do not live in the region where Acai Palm Trees grow, mainly in Central and South America, you may not get fresh fruits. However, Acai Berries are available in powder form and as capsules. As mentioned before, take a closer look at the product. It shall be organic and not contain any additives.

Tea — Time !

Green Tea is a great immunity booster, contains antioxidants and helps you to keep your energy levels high. Nowadays, Green Tea is easily available. However, you shall try to get better quality tea to enjoy all the benefits. Your best option is organic Green Tea. If you like, you could your tea with a lemon or a natural sweetener like honey. Avoid white sugar.

Another immunity strengthening tea is made with Neem leaves. So, I can easily take Neem leaves from my beloved Neem Tree-Goddess in front of the house where I live. In India, the Neem Tree is also called the Village Pharmacy because every part of the tree is used for treating several illnesses and diseases. Besides growing in Tamil Nadu and all over India, Neem Trees can be found in other parts of the world as well if the climate is favourable. So, if Neem Trees are growing in your vicinity, you can use the leaves. Otherwise, the tea recipe also works with dried Neem leaves which you can order online or buy in certain shops. For making the Neem leaves tea, you take the leaves and put them into a pot. If you use fresh leaves, take at least 36 leaves or 3 leave clusters. If you have to choose dried leaves or powder, take at least three teaspoons. As a quantity, you put 0, 75 l in the pot, add the Neem leaves and let it boil until the water quantity is half reduced. The tea is quite bitter. You can add natural sweetener, but avoid white sugar and artificial sweeteners.

In Boost your immunity — Part 2, you will discover more immunity boosting herbs, plants and foods.

Stay strong and healthy! Best wishes!

MAriska MA Veepilaikaliyamma

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