Hi, by keeping up with the 30 days writing challenge I want to improve my English and writing skills. I hope you like it :)

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1 Explain the meaning of your name

My name is Nessah.
Nessah is a Hebrew name and means 'Miracle'.
I love the meaning of my name, and this is why...

You see my mom couldn't have any children. When she gave up on having a child, she got pregnant with me.

When my mom named me she never heard of the name Nessah before. She really thought she came up with the name herself. A week after my birth an acquaintance told my mother that the name already existed. She also told her the meaning of my name, 'Miracle'.

For us it is truly a miracle, because my mom never got any other children after me and of all the names she could think of for a baby she got up with that particular name. My mom thinks it's send from Universe......

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