Hello lovers, I hope that you're all doing well!
Sometimes we just have to let it all out. All of the emotions that were piling up.
Did you know that having a good cry is actually quite healthy?
It can de-stress your brain a lot.
So today I'm gonna list down my favorite and some of the best tragic movies out there.
Let's have a good cry together, shall we?

1. Call me by your name

Image removed film, call me by your name, and cmbyn image

2. The Spectacular Now

Dream, film, and quotes image Shailene Woodley, the spectacular now, and miles teller image

3. The Pursuit of Happiness

will smith, movie, and happy image quotes, movie, and film image

4. Good Will Hunting

quotes, robin williams, and movie image good will hunting, matt damon, and robin williams image

5. Brokeback Mountain

brokeback mountain, heath ledger, and jake gyllenhaal image Ang Lee, Anne Hathaway, and boys image

6. The Hate U Give

thug and the hate u give image thug, melanin, and the hate u give image

7. Me before you

Image removed amor, drama, and movie image

8. The way we were

barbra streisand, cine, and couple image memories, the way we were, and love image

9. The theory of everything

the theory of everything, stephen hawking, and eddie redmayne image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

10. Seven pounds

god image love, kiss, and couple image

11. Beautiful boy

actor, beautiful boy, and boy image beautiful boy, boy, and film image

12. Moonlight

quotes, life, and moonlight image moonlight, blue, and quotes image

This article is inspired by Selena Gomezes song Lose you to love me

As always thank you so so much for reading my article, all the love xoxo Eli