Hi, academics!

We're here for a little bit of worldbuilding!

If you've read us for a while, you may know that these are the main subjects the students have to take at Hearthstone Academy :

Those are the mandatory classes. But we also wanted to introduce you to the teachers of the optional classes, of which our students can pick three to complete their curriculum.

So here they are! Enjoy!

Mr. Anker : Economics and Law/Politics

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Mr. Anker is a Dutch man in his late thirties. He was raised by lawyers and learned many truths about how the world worked at an early age. He studied the laws of the Netherlands but branched out to learn judicial systems of other countries including, France, England, Germany, and America. In his late twenties he moved to France to study politics and economics while working as an assistant at a law firm. While working he found he dislikes the actual practice of law and more enjoys the study of it. He looked for teaching jobs so he could teach and continue to learn, always expanding his knowledge.

Because of Mr Anker’s hunger for knowledge, he supports students who think freely and bring their own knowledge to his classroom. That's why he enjoys overseeing the Debate club. It engages students to research and form their own opinions.

Mr. Anker looks like your typical dutchman : tall, blonde, blue-eyed with a large goofy smile. He is a kind, energetic man who loves to engage with students in conversation, while also saving time for himself to study more everyday. With his enthusiasm about his subject, he is good at interesting students in topics they would otherwise find boring. He often remarks how proud he is of his students and how they will one day change the world. He also talks at length about how nearly every judicial system is flawed and that progression is necessary. He’s a student favorite even though not everyone takes his class.

Mr. Whitson : Biology

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In his early fifties, Mr. Whitson is a highly renowned biologist that specialized in Bioengineering until he decided to take a break. He was reached by Mrs. Braelynn to come to Hearthstone and teach Biology.

He has pitch black hair with some white strands that he cut short, complemented by striking grey orbs and some thick-framed glasses.

Personality wise he is fun to be with since he would never be scarce of topics to discuss. He makes his classes enjoyable by encouraging participation from his students and doing occasional field work. He deeply cares for his subject and students so he always makes sure that students know where to find him if they need him.

Mr. Rodríguez : Spanish

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He is a Spaniard that moved to France when he was young. Currently in his early thirties, he enjoys teaching others his native language, claiming that Spanish is quite fun once you get the hang of it. Even though, he internally gets rejoiced and amused at his students’ first attempts at speaking the language.

He has long curly chestnut hair that he maintains moderately short and deep brown eyes that look black most of the time. he also has a beard with a complimenting moustache that give the appearance of a sort of messy but well put look, about which he has somehow managed to avoid getting reprimanded by Mrs. Braelynn. But his students often joke that it would not take long for her to actually do so.

Mr. Diedrich : German, Greek and Latin

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Mr Diedrich is a German man in his early sixties. He has been teaching language at Hearthstone Academy for the last 20 years. He doesn’t often share much about himself so he's a mystery to his students. But at times he will randomly talk about his past in little blurbs that just raise more questions. For example, he will casually mention how he fled Germany in the 30's only to live in Nazi occupied France until the end of the war. That’s how he came to work at the school, he had lost his home and livelihood when he left Germany. He was once a professor at the University of Frankfurt, but was dismissed because he was married to a Jewish woman. Though he doesn’t share much he often talks in admiration of his wife, Shoshanah.

Mr. Diedrich’s teaching style is rather structured and possibly a little outdated. It consists mostly of translating readings rather than focusing on how to communicate. He is also set in his ways when it comes to rule following. If you are even a minute late to class, he will write you up and by the third time he will give you a lecture after class. Despite this, most students like him because he likes to make bad jokes and read funny stories in other languages. He is also a very fair grader.

Mr. Diedrich is a man of average height with a slight hunch in his spine caused from a life spent bent over books. His hair is gray, his face is wrinkled, and the glasses he wears make his eyes look slightly smaller than they are. He dresses like the old professor he is, in brown cardigans and loafers. He is an aging academic who is slowly losing touch with the world but who still enjoys educating the next generation.

Mrs. Park : Chemistry and Physics

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Of Korean descendance and born to an American mother, she is what people would call a prodigy regarding physics, though her love would be chemistry instead. She is currently in her fourties and likewise Mr. Whitson, she too decided to take a break from the spotlight and lay low for a while, tired of all the attention she received since she was a child. She voluntarily applied for Hearthstone as she had read about them in competitions where she was a judge and figured that she would not be as bothered in Catachan.

She is a tall slim white woman with wavy brown hair locks cut to her shoulders and striking hazel eyes. Personality-wise, she is serious and disciplined most of the time, though people know that she is actually really gentle with those who deserve it and have gained her affection.

Mr. Falley : Linguistics

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Mr. Falley is an incredibly cultured man in his early fourties. He is a genius in his field and has always been passionate about languages. Because of that, Miss Brealynn unwillingly tolerates his motorcycling and slightly rebellious tendencies. He is also a sports freak, which is why he supervises two clubs : Track and Fencing. Even though his subject is only an option, and therefore doesn't have many students, he invests himself completely in his class, as well as in his clubs. He always makes sure his students expand their horizons and see the broader picture.

In fact, if he came to teach at Hearthstone, it is because he believes his field doesn't get enough recognition. So when he learned about this remote elite school, he immediately volunteered himself as a linguistics teacher, despite the fact the subject wasn't part of the curriculum at the time. Miss Brealynn had been taken aback by the suggestion of a class she hadn't planned on opening, but thought it would be a good addition to the students' baggage.

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He's a solid man with straight jet black hair. He keeps them at a fashionable length, which Miss Brealynn finds too long for her classy Academy. But he doesn't care. He doesn't care either about the few white hair which have started to appear. He often jokes with his students about his age, acting older than he actually is.

In all fairness, he is a bit chaotic in class. Often arriving late, he usually bursts, unshaved, through the door in the morning, drops his motorcycle helmet on the desk and downs his coffee in one gulp before starting a messy lecture. Needless to say it usually leaves an impression on his students when they first meet him. He definitely clashes a little with the prestige of the school. He doesn't hold his class to a high level of discipline but that's exactly why his students respect him. He is always available for them outside of class if they need help for anything and is usually well liked.

Mrs. Meyer : Advanced Maths

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English woman in her fourties, she is a math lover that managed to graduate early from school due to her high grades. She jumped straight to college to study maths. She has been teaching the subject for a while in different universities and a friend of hers recommended her to Mrs. Braelynn when she was looking for an extraordinary math lecturer, so she took the challenge of teaching kids in an elitist school.

During classes she is pretty encouraging towards participation. But she is also known for sending difficult homework, with the excuse that her students should develop great problem-solving skills and that they should also practice often for the concepts to be well engraved in their minds. But apart from that she is a quiet professor that is often analysing her surroundings to come up with ways in which she could improve her subject methodology.

Physically she is a plump short woman that has ash blonde straight locks and deep blue orbs along with dimples when she smiles and freckles on the bridge of her nose and part of her cheeks.

Mrs. Schmidt : Philosophy

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Mrs. Schmidt is tired. That's the first thing her students think when they first see her. And also what they think every day they spend in her class. A dutch woman in her late fifties, she already has a long career of teaching uninterested and ungrateful brats behind her, and she doesn't hide it. She's basically just waiting for retirement at this point. But that doesn't stop her from giving very complete and interesting classes (if you bother to pay attention). Indeed, she actually got into the job out of passion and therefore has spent her whole life completing her knowledge on philosophy.

She is a small, plump woman, who looks a little more than her age. Her unevenly grey hair is very frizzy and seemingly dry, but she still keeps it long and thick. It's kept in check thanks to a big scrunchie in the back of her neck. The students often joke about her long, spidery fingers, and how gross it is when she licks them to hand back their papers.

Mr. Akimoto : Japanese

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Japanese man naturalised French in his late thirties, he was looking for a job to sustain himself and his wife when he stumbled upon the vacancy in Hearthstone. He was accepted due to his past history of being a lecturer in Japan in an university of high-calibre, years before he moved to France. He moved for his French wife whom he met back in Japan.

He can often be strict with his students because he wants to prevent pronunciation mistakes that could be fatal in conversations. Additional to the language, he also teaches the mannerisms and customs of the Japanese. Things like bowing when meeting someone as a manner of respect, thanking for the food before eating, and so on. He feels that it is essential for his students to be familiarized with all of those important aspects.

Similar to Mrs. Park, he is also serious and disciplined though he does not lower his standards for anybody, even if internally he is more than proud of the student.

Miss Leroux : French and Italian

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Miss Leroux is a genius who graduated high school two years early. No one understood why she chose to teach languages instead of becoming an engineer, or something more prestigious. But she loves languages, and she loves spreading knowledge even more. She got a bachelor's degree in French, in Sorbonne University. Then, she moved to Italy for 6 years to get a PHD in Italian literature. She came back to France to teach at Hearthstone right afterwards. This makes her the youngest teacher at the school, being still in her twenties. She always tries to incorporate a cultural aspect to her classes, such as cinema, food, architecture...

Miss Leroux has dark skin, as her parents came from Martinique, and she keeps her frizzy hair loose. She doesn't quite have an afro, but they do form a harmonious cloud around her slender face. She often complements her tall and slim figure with long pants, which gives her a bit of an androgynous style. She is warm and helpful to her students, but still firm when discipline is necessary. She also seems to have developed a friendship with Mr Samuel, probably because they're roughly the same age and have the same idea of education.

Mrs. Shaoqi : Mandarin

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Mrs. Shaoqi is a very dignified woman. Any of her students, as well as the other teachers, will tell you that. She comes from a wealthy Chinese family and until recently had never had to work a day in her life.

But all of that changed after the start of the Maoist Revolution. Her husband wasn't approved by the new government, both because of his wealth and his political opinions. They had to flee to Europe, and lost a large amount of their fortune. So in their thirties, they both had to find a job, and Mrs. Shaoqi started teaching the one thing she was able to teach : her own language.

She turned out to be a more than decent teacher and was soon accepted to work in Hearthstone Academy, which paid a lot more than her previous job.

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She is small and thin, but her posture and high-perched bun make her tower like a queen over her class. She is strict, especially regarding pronunciation, but is proficient at making her students progress fast.

She's still a little confused, and sometimes disdainful, regarding european customs. This culture clash first caused a few rows with Miss Calison, the latter finding her rude. But the two women then became friends when they realised they had a lot of common (conservative) views on the world, and only sticked to a couple of quiet disagreements on some subjects.

At Miss Calison's suggestion, Mrs Shaoqi started supervising the Dance club. It is probably the only frame in which she allows her students some freedom and creativity.

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That's it! We hope you liked this little insight! Which subjects would you choose? And which teacher would be your favourite?

Have a nice day!