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Bet you didn't expect that after my last article, lol. I have many facettes in my personality, let me tell you that.

As someone who has been listening to KPOP since her early youth (and it's been a while since that, not gonna lie), I grew up in a whole different enviroment, to put it that way. What I mean is: It was a looot different than the KPOP community is now.
If you want me to make an article about that, tell me, because I think it would be really fun to do :D

Now that it is a rising topic day by day and new fans slip into the korean music hole, here is a small playlist of songs you might miss as they're hidden behind the wall of modern content.
Nowadays I see a lot of talented young groups and they are doing an amazing job at performing! But nevertheless, there will always be some classics to be played at every KPOP or KHipHop-party.

SO here we go!

1. HOT's Warrior's Descendant

Welcome to the roots of KPOP. HOT is short for Highfive Of Teenager's - created by SM in 1996, the five-member groups is considered the first successful kpop idol group and sold over 6.9 million records in South Korea alone.
The song has a strong hiphop vibe and is funny-aggressive.
Want more? I reccommend Candy as well.

2. Shinhwha's Perfect Man

This song had a popularity comeback after BTS' cover, but the original version is a lot longer and more retro as it has been released in 2002.

3. Rain's Rainism

Another one that has been made famous again because younger groups love to cover this artist. And that is no suprise - his work remains catchy and timeless.
My personal favourite is It's raining though, and as you can see this dude has a thing for ... well, rain.

4. Epik High's Map The Soul

The hiphop trio that remains active 'til this very day was one of the first to gain a lot of international fans. The song has two versions - one is korean, one is completely in english.

5. SHINee's Juliette

The simple reason why I am not putting Replay in this is because I expect everyone to know it. Do I have to say anything about SHINee? I do not believe so.
Trendsetters from the first KPOP dance practice video to feminin styles, dupstep and retro vibes.
Their whole discography is a recommendation. Songs you already know as well should be Lucifer and Ring Ding Dong .

6. Girls Generation's Gee

You probably have heard it already. It's the one that already sounds pink, the one that makes everyone smile.
If you don't know it, are you really a KPOP stan?

7. Electric Shock by F(x)

As one of the most transforming girl groups in KPOP, F(x) didn't have it easy.
That didn't stop them from changing stereotypes as well as setting new trends.
Everyone knows this one move from this song, believe me.
Another must-listen : 4 Walls

8. Please Don't by K.Will

Not only must one know the song, but also the music video.
Just look it up. For real.

9. TVXQ's Mirotic

You will scream the part of the chorus and you know it the first time you hear it.

10. B.A.P's One Shot

Despite the fact that they were under one of the worst entertainment companies ever, this group produced some of the best absolute perfect bops.
And I say that (yes, on purpose) as someone who never uses the word bop.
Everyone who knows kpop knows One Shot. The music video and the song.
It is also very hard to rec another song because they were all unique and beyond platinum. Check Fermata, That's My Jam, Skydive, and Warrior.

11. 4Minute's Crazy

RIP to one of the wildest girl groups of their generation, their songs we will keep in our hearts. Before BLACKPINK and EVERGLOW, may I say they paved a good part of the way? The beat drops were unusual just like the non-feminine concept, which is why the love of the KPOP community for 4Minute remains.

12. Sorry Sorry by Super Junior

You cannot even USE the word KPOP if you don't know this song.
Okay, this may sound dramatic, but let me tell you, it is a serious matter.

13. Ailee's Mind Your Own Business

Badass from head to toe, this woman always serves quality.
She got a lot of fame for I will show you back in 2012, and since then, her music keeps being refreshing. Not only with her bodytype but with her personality and lyrics, she broke a lot of stereotypes. One of the best voices in the industry.
You may also like : U & I, Don't Touch Me and Home.

14. Bad Girl, Good Girl by miss A

A debut song, just to mention that.

15. Give it to me by SISTAR

As well as Touch My Body . Long Live the curvy concepts and smashing voices!

16. JJProject's Bounce

Long ago, bevor GOT7 existed, in between Dream High 2 and When A Man Loves , this duo made a debut that remains iconic to this very day. We are all waiting for the next comeback and we may wait forever.
Until then, let's just shake it!

17. 2NE1's I am the best

I mean, did they lie? If you don't know this group, what exactly do you know?
It will be played at every kpop party at least once, trust me. If not, it's not a kpop party. You will also love Come Back Home .

18. Eyes, Nose, Lips by TAEYANG

Ah, yes, the BIGBANG solos. Where do I start? This one has an english version too, a feature with Tablo, the good old days man.
If you're a stay - Changbin's cover of Tomorrow is originally by this man!
And the one song your favs all play on the piano? That's his song Wedding Dress (which he also played at his won wedding).

19. G-Dragon's Crayon

Which is probably the reason why former KPOP fans were called strange ass weirdos - and became proud of the title. I don't really know what to say about this man. He is hard to describe. His concerts are extraordinary though. You can check Coup d'Etat and Untitled 2014 and you know what I mean.

20. BIGBANG's Fantastic Baby

And it shares the throne with its own brother BANG BANG BANG.
Play it anywhere, I am serious I have tried that in person, and someone will sing along.
No matter if you are a kpop fan or not...if it's a good party, you may hear this song there.

21. Girl's Generation's Into The New World

''But you already put GG in here'' Yes I did but guess what, this song is a league for itself. I am not sure if any other song an reach a level where it's being played at protests around an entire country, at Pride festivals, and in movies.
If world peace can be achieved through a song, it is this one.
It is still known by probably every Korean and hopefully still by every KPOP fan there is, word by word, no matter if you speak the language.
The power of this song remains over ten years after release and it is a movement.
(If you're a multistan and you want a fight to stop, play this song or use it as your last argument and everyone with a common sense will shut up.)

That's it! Enjoy your playlist. DM me your favourites. Show me when you use your favourite KPOP lyrics in your art journal.

Have a lovely day and hopefully I'll see you soon!

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