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recently, i've been very into this tennis skirt-sweatshirt combo. i'm also digging the baggy pants-crop top duo. it's really cute & vintage.

bullet journal

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i have a really strong urge to start a journal. just to write down my schedule, goals for the day, and stuff like that! i also really want to start doing something productive with my life.


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i've loved volleyball since 6th grade. my best friends got me into it and it's legit such a beautiful sport. i love playing it and i plan on joining the high school volleyball team.


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i say this every year, but i want to do better in school. i was doing fine in school unless online classes. i finished off decently strong but this year i want to do better!


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i want to be confident and happy in myself. so, that's that!


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i won't lie, i WILL be actively trying to look for a crush but tbh, not ready to commit to a relationship.


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i haven't seen my friends in months so i'm excited to see them when we get back to school. most of them have moved but i still love them.