Steps to become more responsible:

1 | Felicitate upon someone's birthday and buy the birthday present in a timely manner.

2 | Don't oversleep. Wake up early.

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3 | Set up your morning routine and stick to it.

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4 | Take a break from the internet.

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5 | Plan and prepare some breakfast and lunch/late lunch every single day.

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6 | Journal about your feelings, plans, dreams and fears on a regular basis.

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7 | Be concerned about your health. Make sure your body is in the best shape and take good care of it. You have to know what exactly does it mean by yourself.

8 | Go shopping into marketplace rather than supermarket.

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9 | Don't be sceptical about your friend's choice of place to meet or activity to do when you are together. Be accommodating, learn and make full use of your surrounding and situation you are in. Change the situation in your advantage - turn it into something you really love and enjoy.

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10 | Do not keep those who are treating you like a child in your presence. Tell them or show them by actions that you are not the little girl anymore and it's no help acting like you are one. If it does not work then find your way away from them.

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How to Become Responsible of Your Happiness?

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Wear whatever you want.

Like whatever you want.

Say whatever you want.

And don't feel bad or good about it. Just don't bother yourself so much with those feelings.

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add. You don't have to know when and where you will meet your future lover. Truly not. The only thing you have to know is that when you meet him -> You just feel good when you think about him, when you pass by him or when you are around him. Those occurrences are enough for good feelings to arrive. You don't have to use your whole soul into loving someone. Just feel good when you think about them, when you are with them.

Forever yours,