Hi there! In case you don't know me: my name's Giulia, and i usually don't do these kind of articles, as i personally use this app for entertaining purposes only, but, as an italian and, specifically, as a sicilian, the "mafia" topic is one that i particularly care about and since i saw many articles like "If i were in the mafia" and similar, i felt the need to explain why articles like these are totally inappropriate.

You probably don't know what kind of things the mafia or cosa nostra - sicilian mafia - did, so I'm here to tell you; people should know what happened, what still happens nowadays and how many people have suffered because of this organization.

I have the luck to live in a time in which cosa nostra does not work in the same way it used to; my parents, however, did and at that time cosa nostra killed people in the streets out in the open, and it remorseless killed children and women as well.
I suggest you to search the story of Giuseppe di Matteo, an innocent child who was a victim of the horrors of cosa nostra; you can find it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santino_Di_Matteo

The mafia isn't something to romanticize like that, in fact, we must denounce it and fight against it. Mafia it's not about good-looking powerful men who play the role of the bad and damned: they're evil, they kill every single one who doesn't follow them or goes against them and they made and still make people suffer by killing innocent ones; did you know that, to get back at other members of the organization, some of them killed their innocent relatives?

if you believe in the values of love, respect and equality, please please try not do to something like this, for the victims too: they don't deserve it.

if you have the possibility, please educate yourself about this.
The mafia is the total opposite of what you think and what you see in movies and it must not be romanticized at all.

If you feel the need to know more about this, feel free to contact me.
(sorry if I made some grammatical errors)

stay safe
lots of love,