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As you may have realized, everything, literally everything can happen on a spiritual journey.
(You can use this if you don't want it to be spiritual as well though.)
The trick is to find the fear that‘s blocking you and release it, which sometimes seems easier and sometimes harder. To me, I am trying to look at it without connecting myself to it. I try to accept something with ‘Oh, okay, it‘s there, but it‘s not a part of me, it just got stuck and now it passes by.‘

As you may know, positive affirmations are a powerful tool to guide yourself into the right direction, but often the right words have to be found. I tried some of these as they came to me, sometimes through my own mind, sometimes with a little help.

They can be used as a mantra, said over and over again no matter if in meditation or in daily life.

And the results are mind-blowing, I mean it as that, because not only did it help with my anxiety but it also released a lot of stupid random thoughts that never came back. In total, after a while my head feels lighter and it really helps me to focus.

Use them with care and be gentle to yourself. If pain is released, let it go, do not hurt yourself or pressure yourself into anything. You have all the time in the world.

Please never do this while driving. Your body may react in a special way you cannot control.


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1. '' I am Nothing ''

Ha! Did you realize that fear you felt as you read that? Don‘t worry, and don‘t let it stop you. It‘s normal. In a nonstop-culture society where you‘re always told to make SOMETHING out of yourself, your worth is an illusion and it gets defined by your actions.
Let me change your perspective on that real quick: You are *no*t a thing, and your existance itself is enough. You came to this planet as nothing, that is the only way to become something, and no matter what you want, you need space for it. How about to create that space inside of yourself?
There is a lot of emptiness inside of you. But it also has to faces. One of them is lying -
it is a numb feeling pushing all the bad feelings and the stress down until you feel like a bottle that‘s filled to the very last drop. The other one, and you know by feeling, is endless and lets you breathe. It‘s the one where good and bad do not exist, it‘s all just okay, and the need to control anything is gone. This is the best place to make your own decisions.

This is the No-thing where it all can, but doesn‘t have to. No must. All fredom.

Work with this over weeks and see what changes. To me, it gives me a great feeling of comfort and ease, and yes, especially the beginning can be scary because all that is in the way of it will come up – it wants to be released, the bottle wants to be emptied. Don‘t take it personal.

Here is another tipp: Don‘t use these words in a positive or negative way. Try to say it in the most neutral way you can, the rest will do itself. Don‘t expect anything.

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2. '' I am silence ''

If you realize there is a lot going on in your system, a lot of nervous energies or whatever, you can literally program it with your mind. As you may know, your body is able to create biochemical substances, and these substances can make you stressed, happy, sad and so on.
Not only does this help with the loud thoughts, it also calms your body down.
Take deep long breaths in the process.

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3. '' Where is my next thought coming from? ''

This works wonders when your mind feels like a carousel and everything just rotates.
Ask this question to yourself, again and again, silent or out loud.
Be honest and serious.

Leave short breaks between the questions and observe.

This is also something that has to be trained. For just a moment, maybe half a second or one in the beginning, you will thing nothing at all. It‘s like a reset because you are confusing your own head.
In this reaction, it functions like a computer searching for the right answer, because that‘s what the head is for, and it wants to work for you. But this may be the first time you ask it: Where do you get your information from?

Your thoughts are not really there, yet they are. And they can be influenced by others as well as they can be affected by you. Take it in your own hands. Well, your own head.

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Bonus: Have you ever tried just using the words '' I am '' ? You don't have to be anything but you, as I have said before. Your existance itself is enough. Make time to remind yourself of that. This is very neutral and can make you feel really relaxed and 'clean' if you know what I mean. It detoxed a lot of your beliefs. try to repeat this as long as you feel like there is a question mark behind it and it will go away.
It doesn't matter if you feel like you don't know who you are (yet). You will. And you are, no matter what, you.

Thank You for reading!

I would love to hear your experiences with these! My Dms are always open.

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