•a letter to you.

to you who confuses me
to you who burned our bridges
to you who broke all trust
and in return traded it for lust
instead of luv .. now we’re broken up
it’s been a while but i still crave your touch,
but to me physical touch wasn’t enough.

i wanted to be one with your soul.
i wanted to be there .
i wanted to tell you how i felt.
i wanted to pour my heart out to you.

and if i did, your glass would overflow.
with waves of emotion calming waves which you can hear from an ocean. crashing and colliding into one another.

somehow you had me infatuated.
i kno in this generation luv is outdated.
luv is more like hatred in which that hatred
is portrayed as faking to be someone your not
just to get something you want.

i just cannot deal with it.
i just won’t deal.
i’m sorry.