What is happening in Poland

Yesterday the police reacted brutally to protest against the arrest of an activist from the Stop Bzdurom (Stop The Nonsense) organization. The police detained 48 people.

Activist Małgorzaty Sz. Margot was arrested for cutting tires in a truck that had writings like "LGBT are pedophiles" on it and hanging rainbow flags people went to protests and police is arresting random people from the crowd!!
There are innocent people getting arrested in a peaceful protest against police brutality and in the name of LGBT+ Community.

Literally making it a show off of their power. This is what happens in this country just two days in re-electing president, who claims himself to be "a president for all people".

🏳️‍🌈Please consider donating some money to Stop Bzdurom. They currently need money to pay for lawyers and bails for the arrested lgbt activists. they will also be using some of the money to fund their future campaigns.

more info here: https://stopbzdurom.pl/help-us/

🏳️‍🌈Please sign the petitions and spread info