Hey Heartist! I just created my fictional character in the TV show Outer Banks.

Name: Kimberly Carrera ( She is Kiara's cousin )
Nickname: Kim
Date Birth: August 30
Age: 16 years old
Zodiac Sign:Virgo
Sexuality: Straight
status: Kook but she hangs out with the Pogues


brown eyes, curly hair, and eyebrows image makeup, eyes, and aesthetic image girl, body, and summer image girl, hair, and beauty image
She has long curly dark brown hair, light brown eyes, brown skin and a body with some small shapes.


outer banks, pope, and john b image aesthetic and outer banks image makeup, model, and skin image goddess, makeup, and skin image


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She is quite extrovert. She likes to feel free


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home image bedroom, home, and house image


cindy kimberly, wolfiecindy, and model image flowers, actress, and beautiful image curly hair, girl, and makeup image girl, makeup, and outfits image goddess, makeup, and sunglasses image actress, beautiful, and brown hair image


beautiful, bikini, and brown hair image beautiful, bikini, and brown hair image beautiful, bikini, and brunette image beautiful, bikini, and perfect body image goddess, sea, and skin image Temporarily removed

Midsummer Party

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beautiful, brunette, and curly hair image goddess, makeup, and actress image
Jet ski like a Pogue and golf like a Kook


curly hair, goddess, and makeup image
Kiara may be her cousin but she is also her best friend
chase stokes image actor, beautiful, and blond hair image actor, shirtless, and outer banks image actress, blonde hair, and Girl Crush image
John B; JJ; Pope & Sarah

Love Interest

rudy pankow, jj, and outer banks image boy, outer banks, and rudy pankow image
While hanging out with the Pogues, she became closer and closer to JJ. He always dredged her but she refuses at the start his advances because as the rule says: "The Pogues do not dating between them". But she ends up falling in love with him, for his greatest pleasure.

Instagram Aesthetic:

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Profil Picture
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Caption: My Squad 💖
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Caption: Pogue Life 🌊
rudy pankow, outer banks, and jj image
Caption: My boyfriend is hotter than yours 🔥

I Hope you enjoy! Lots of Love <3

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