Windbreaker with t-shirt/tank top has always been my-go-to outfit whenever i get lazy to dress up or in a hurry. It's simple but yet sometimes without me noticing, it can actually be pretty nice outfit and can be much more nicer than when i actually dress up. HAHAHA.

okay, so without further ado, let's get into the post on how you can actually make this windbreaker fashion outfit looks fashionable and like you actually put in extra effort to dress up.

1. Aqua navy & baby blue

aqua, navy, and windbreaker image honey, baby blue, and fashion image blue, jeans, and fashion image sneakers, shoes, and nike image
aqua navy windbreaker, baby blue honey tank top, nike air blue kicks

2. Cherry red, white & navy

fashion, navy, and windbreaker image red, fashion, and tank top image denim, fashion, and dark post image fashion, kicks, and Fila image
colourblock white, navy and red strip windbreaker, red cherry tank top, dark blue denim jeans, fila disruptor

3. Orange & Black

fashion, yellow, and windbreaker image style, outfit, and thrasher image fashion, vintage, and bottom image Image by โœจAngeliki ~ The MoonlightBaeโœจ
orange windbreaker, thrasher t-shirt, black vintage ripped jeans, vans old skool

4. Burgundy, pastel pink, white & turquoise

fashion, pink, and windbreaker image fashion, aesthetic, and pink image fashion, vintage, and jeans image shoes, pink, and fashion image
colourblock windbreaker, pastel pink angel crop top, white vintage jeans, pastel pink pretty heels

5. Beige, white, & blue

fashion and nike image outfit image blue, jeans, and light image shoes, fashion, and Nude image
beige nike windbreaker, white tank top, light blue jeans, beige heels

so, thats it guys. below are the links where you can get some of the items listed here. hope you guys enjoy it tho its not much.

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Nur'd โ™ฅ

1) Honey babyblue tanktop:
2) Ripped blue jeans:
3) Red cherry tank top:
4) Dark blue denim jeans:
5) Fila disruptor:
6) Thrasher t-shirt:
7) Black ripped vintage jeans:
8) White vintage jeans: