1. Katniss Everdeen ~ The Hunger Games

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Katniss Everdeen, the girl on fire, was born on May 8th, making her a true Taurus. She was always hard to get along with due to her snarky remarks, stubborn attitude, and overall angst. Despite this, she's a loyal friend & daughter, a fierce protector of her beliefs, and she doesn't scare easily. She's a true Taurus, which has helped her take down those who threaten her life.

2. Bruce Wayne ~ Dark Knight

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While he is not a natural-born Taurus himself, Bruce Wayne, aka The Batman, displays many of the sign's qualities. He can be impulsive, stubborn, refusing to leave his home for eight years after Rachel's death, and a strong lover. He's fiercely loyal to Gotham and a reliable protector.

3. Alice ~ Alice in Wonderland (2010)

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Alice has been a Taurus her whole life, being born on May 4th. Whether it was in the books, animated movies, or live-action portrayals, young Alice has shown to be very sure of herself, courteous to others, skeptical of authority, and a bit rash. Despite all the changes that come to her life, she maintains a similar mindset and ideals, remaining the reliable character we've all come to love.

4. T'challa/ Black Panther ~ Avengers R.I.P

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T'challa, although he is a king, remains humble and focused on helping his people. He also shows a bit of the negative traits associated with Taurus, such as his minor arrogance & his tendency of being a hothead.

5. Tinkerbell ~ Peter Pan (1953)

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Tinkerbell is the source of Peter Pan's magic and one of his most loyal friends. She can be a drama queen, literally dying if she isn't receiving enough attention, and she is very distrustful of people she doesn't know. She's mean to Wendy for this very reason and only warms up to her after Peter's interference.

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