11 of the science fiction series&movies that I liked the most / 11 de las series&peliculas de ciencia ficcion que mas me han gustado

Inception 2010

inception image gif, leonardo dicaprio, and inception image

Valerian and the city of a thousand planets 2017 ‧ Ciencia ficción/Aventura ‧

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bts image Image removed

I Am Mother
2019 ‧ Ciencia ficción/Suspenso ‧ netflix

gif image
alone, believe, and clara image learning, study, and dark image

The 100 2014-2020 (7 seasons)

gif, the cw, and marie avgeropoulos image echo, gabriel, and gif image the 100, gif, and octavia blake image the 100 image

Resident evil (6 movies) 2002-2016

gif, albert wesker, and alice abernathy image
gif, resident evil, and jill valentine image gif and alice abernathy image gif, alice abernathy, and alicia marcus image resident evil, Milla Jovovich, and movie image

The umbrella academy

gif and the umbrella academy image brain, creepy, and dinner image Temporarily removed 5, five, and the boy image

Stranger things (3 seasons)

actor, actress, and steve harrington image
gif, series, and steve harrington image 80s, aesthetic, and christmas image

Harry Potter (8 movies) 2001-2011

gif image
Temporarily removed Image removed

Marvel MCU

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Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Avengers, mantis, and nebula image
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Teen wolf 2011-2017 (6 seasons)

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The hunger games 2012-2015

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