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Hello everyone , as you may know I am starting to work on myself to be better version of myself. So I wanted to share my thoughts with you on some things that may bother you as well .

Firstly I want to talk about wanting to be popular , I think that's a trap of our generetion everyone wants to be better and to be recognized by people so they like what you are doing but I think First you need to love yourself , you need to do what you love not just because what other people may like but what you truly desire , Just do it don't be afraid of fail , learn from it, work on your mistakes and be better than you were yesterday , level up everyday little by littel, and as we all know and heard it already when you want something and when you are working for it , Life will give it to you , Believe me if you work for something The world will help you to achieve that. I will post other tips and my own thought about this matter in my collection and on my Instagram as well so if you are interested you may follow me it's up to you .
I hope you all are doing well , Stay Safe and be kind .
Love you all ^-^ Lizebbeth