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NAME: Im Ji-Ah (Korean name of Heavenly) STAGE NAME: Haneul (Sky) AGE:19 HEIGHT: 5'7 BIRTH PLACE: Jeju-Do, South Korea FANDOM: Zehn (Chinese of Loyalty) FANDOM COLOR: Yellow and Sky Blue LANGUAGES: Korean, English, Spanish, Tagalog,Japanese

Ji-Ah was born in Jeju-Do but moved to Sydney,Australia when she we 1 year old and studied there for 9 years, but soon moved to Philippines because of their family's business and continues her studies there.

After 5 years in the Philippines, they moved back to Seoul, South Korea.

She decided to become an idol because she was curious of how it feels like being an idol. After being a trainee for a year, she debuted as a soloist at JYP Entertainment.

After 2 years of being a soloist she debuted as a actress.


1st album

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Favorite Color:

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White, Blue

Ideal Boyfriend:

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NCT Yukhei (Lucas)


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BTS' Kim Seok-Jin

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