these are my top 20 advice that i have experienced and go by. these are hard-hitting advice and i want to give them to you lovelies<3
1. toxicity isn't always obvious. Some people may project their toxicity onto you or other people. Some people don't realize they're being toxic. Trust your gut.
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2. always have a backup plan. always
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3. asking for help is the most brave thing a human can do
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4. embarrassed about something? in a year, or even less, you will laugh about it.
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5. the secret to staying youthful is to never stop feeling inspired by others.
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6. feeling sexy is NOT a sin
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7. use eye contact to your advantage. it makes you feel confident, bold and people will trust and be attracted to you
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8. sexuality needs no label and can be however you define.
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9. creating boundaries is a great form of self love and self care. when you do favors or do everything for someone, or you people please all the time, you are sacrificing a piece of yourself.
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10. procrastination is a response to fear. face that fear and get to work. be active, don't just think.
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11. the hardest piece of advice to hear is the exact advice you need to hear at the moment.
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12. don't look for happiness, seek out for little joys in life. that is the secret key to "happiness" every day.
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13. before you jump into a relationship, really make sure that you know how to AND love spending time alone, by yourself.
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14. good friends bring out the best in you, not the fake in you.
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15. people's behaviors can be explained, but not all are excused. protect your energy
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16. some people you meet were meant to be, but not meant to be forever. don't feel like you wasted time with a friend, partner, ex. because all of it is supposed to happen as a learning experience.
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17. instead of making empty promises, tell people you need more time to process/think. empty promises are broken promises.
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18. you can dream big, but make sure they're realistic. with a big dream, make sure to split them into little, attainable chunks of dreams that lead consistently leads you towards it
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19. compatibility does not mean sharing similar personality traits. it means with all the differences, they still work, are accepted, and coexist well together.
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20. when people tell you to stop caring more, that means you need to take your life into your own hands disregarding the permission or doubts of others, not to be apathetic.
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