Whether you're a recent graduate and you're looking for a job or you're still in college and you're looking for internships -- you're going to have to follow some vital career tips to help you land your dream job/ internship!

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Proof read your CV & Cover letter

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This is such an important task to do! hiring managers will be put off by your resume or cover letter if it has grammatical/ spelling mistakes. And as a result, they will not proceed with your job application.
Take the time to read over your CV/Cover letter to esnure that it has no mistakes. Not only will this make your CV pleasant to read but it will demonstrate that you have great writing skills.

Follow Up Your Job Application

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I never used to follow-up on my job applications and boy-oh-boy! that was not a good idea. Don't feel discouraged if you sent your job application or had an interview and the hiring manager hasn't gotten back to you; kindly send them an email highlighting why you're best for this position.
Hiring managers are busy! they're going through hundreds of job applications, so they might forget to get back to you. To stand out from the other applicants send a follow up email after a week showing them your porfolio of work (make sure it's relevant to the job requirements).

Compliment The Hiring Manager In An Interview

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Give a professional compliment to the hiring manager. Don't tell them they've got a nice jacket or that they have beautiful eyes because, needless to say, that's very unprofessional. What I mean by "giving a professional compliment" is that you should say how working with them will be a delight and beneficial to your career because they have a lot of good work experience.
Do research on the person you're hiring; go through their Linkedin and get to know who they are. Once you've gotten that info. You can tell them "You've been working in PR for 20 years at very prestigious companies, and I believe that you're the best person I can learn from/ work with because of your great skills in research, presentations etc. This will make you the most memorable applicant and it will show your willingness to learn!

Go above and beyond in your job application

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Try to be creative! there are many other applicants who are competing for this role, so you have to try and stand out, girl! Include samples of your work even if they don't ask for any of your past work. This will make you look passionate for this job and will surely impress the hiring manager.
Add a link to your blog or to a folder on your Google drive containing your past work. Include this link in your cover letter or resume.

Tailor your resume to the job application

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Don't use the same resume you used for other job applications for the new role you're applying for because each job has different job requirements. You have to edit your resume so that it has the skills/ experience that the job you're applying for is looking for.

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