Inspired by:


  • name: Lulu Shuck
  • age: 16
  • birthday: October 30
  • species: Black shuck


girl, aesthetic, and black image eyes image vampire, lips, and red image Image by 🎭
short choppy black hair with bangs, red eyes, fangs, pale skin, black claws


Inspiring Image on We Heart It black, broken, and quotes image black, wallpaper, and shut up image quotes, neon, and comfort zone image love, black, and quote image quotes and black and white image


fashion, black, and accessories image Image by Academy of Art & Design® Estd. 2001 clothes, fashion, and inspiration image fashion, outfit, and style image


shadow, aesthetic, and ghost image Image removed
Can turn invisible at will, can turn into a Black Shuck at will


aesthetic, grass, and green image Image by AlinaSavelieva
running, photography, reading, film


bedroom, home, and room image boho, bohemian decor, and boho decor image b, dark, and lightbulb image nature, mountains, and view image


hair image red, guitar, and rose image
Silvi Timberwolf
alternative, goth, and punk image grunge, aesthetic, and black image
Wydowna Spider
horse image girl, lips, and makeup image
Avea Trotter


animals, birds, and captive image nikon, peregrine falcon, and falco peregrinus image
A Peregrine Falcon named Fang


wolf and black image wolf and black image
Lulu is a Black Shuck, so she is originally one of them, but was able to take "human" form.

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